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Since I started this site, it has grown like Topsy. When I first started posting answers to posts in the Adobe RoboHelp forums, I found myself repeating previously provided answers. It seemed more sensible to write more complete answers here rather than just providing a minimal reply on the forum. I also needed somewhere to post content for family and friends.

What does it cover?

I have grouped the content into areas of specific interest.


This page describes the topics for technical authors covering general and RoboHelp related topics. There are also some macros for Word users.

Advanced Business Solutions

An extract of the procedures and style guide used by my last employer. Obviously some confidential content has been removed but it may help you draft your own.


This page is mainly for family and friends but some of it will be of general interest, such as the accounts and pictures of holidays in various parts of the world.


If you find the information on this site useful and it helps improve the quality of your work, please consider making a small donation.


This table covers only this topic, not the whole site.


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