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What's covered?

The original aim of this page was to list articles, blogs and other useful pieces of information that you could never find when needed. At first that practical but Adobe and others have been creating many tutorials at a pace which is difficult to keep up with.

I have therefore reworked the article to guide you to the most active blogs so that you can find everything that is available

Adobe's Technical Communication blog.

There is so much here including many demos by R J Jacquez, the Senior Product Evangelist. Although I have removed the links to specific items, there is a link below so that you can get some idea of subjects covered.

Click here to go to the blog.

Click here to see some examples of what is covered.

  • Autonumbering in RH8
  • Captivate 5 and eLearning Suite 2
  • Converting FrameMaker's autonumbers to RoboHelp lists
  • ePublishing from RoboHelp 8
  • Essentials of Single Sourcing with FrameMaker and RoboHelp
  • FrameMaker to RoboHelp - TCS2- Mapping and TOC Generation
  • FrameMaker 9 User Interface
  • Linking versus Importing Word and FrameMaker documents
  • Multi level lists in RH8
  • PDF-based Documentation Reviews for Technical Communicators
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation Using RH
  • Using Scripting for Automating Tasks: A Practical Example
  • Web 2.0 Documentation using Adobe AIR and RoboHelp 8

Adobe Support Pages

Although not a blog, there is a lot of information to be found on the support pages.

Click here.

Ben Minson - Gryphon Mountain Journal

Ben is now more a Flare guy but he posts some good general information.

Click here.

Colum McAndrew - The RoboColum(n)

Like me, Colum is UK based and works and lives near to me. A regular blogger on matters RoboHelp and authoring related.

Click here.

Kevin Siegel - Iconlogic

Kevin is regular blogger with useful information on RoboHelp and related authoring content.

Click here.

Rick Stone - The Sorcerer Stone

The most prolific supporter of RoboHelp and Captivate. No one will ever beat the total number of forum posts where Rick has helped. He's been posting there for twenty years! His forum names including RoboWizard so it is no surprise his blog is The Sorcerer Stone! (Wizard - Stone get it?)

Click here.

Sarah O'Keefe - Scriptorium

If you want well researched and well thought out information about the authoring world, Scriptorium is the place to look.

Click here.

Tom Johnson - I'd rather be writing

A colleague of Ben Minson and also a Flare guy. Tom is a prolific producer of content of interest to technical authors.

Click here.

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