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This topic describes issues and some of the bugs encountered with RoboHelp 11. It will be a mix of things that I have found, things that others have found and links to useful bits of information to help you on your way.

The more people who report a bug or request a feature, the more likely it is to be actioned. So if you see a bug below that you have encountered, please follow this link.

The rows with a darker background indicate bugs that have been fixed in a patch. It does not follow the other items are bugs that have not been fixed. Some will be "how to" items.







04 Oct 2014

Peter Grainge

Home button does not work correctly with HTML5 Responsive layouts in merged help.

If the topic with focus is in a child project, when the user clicks Home they will be taken to the Home page for that project rather than the Home page for the merge. This has been fixed in the RoboHelp 11.0.3 patch.

Click here to access the download page. Click here to see what is fixed in the patch.


04 Oct 2014

Rh Forum

Popup topics to not display from preview in IE11.

If a link to a topic is set to display as a popup, when previewed it may not display. In the generated output it works correctly, This has been fixed in the RoboHelp 11.0.3 patch.

Click here to access the download page. Click here to see what is fixed in the patch.


03 Oct 2014


RoboHelp Patch 11.0.3.

Click here to access the download page. Click here to see what is fixed in the patch. Patches 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 are included so you only need apply 11.0.3.

Click here for details of some issues found with the patch and the fix that needs to be applied after applying 11.0.3.


03 Oct 2014


RoboHelp Patch 11.0.2.

Fixes integration issues with Captivate 8. Click here to access the download page.


30 Apr 2014


RoboHelp Patch 11.0.1.

Click here to see what is fixed in the patch and for information about downloading it.


26 Apr 2014


ISF file for importing does not appear in an upgraded project.

If you upgrade a project, any ISF files you had in your previous version will not import correctly in RoboHelp 11.

This has been addressed with a patched .dll file. The details and download link are available in this Knowledge Base page.

It is also fixed in the RoboHelp 11.0.1 patch. See Item 4.


14 Feb 2014


WebHelp problems with IE10 and IE11.

Some issues have been experienced recently and I suspect browser updates as they are features that were working as designed. See Snippets > Browsers > Item 5.


14 Jan 2014

Peter Grainge

Printed documents created with Word 2013 containing Captivate outputs.

There is a known problem that Adobe advise is a Microsoft compatibility issue and therefore out of their control.

In a document you create using Word 2013, the video frame will be the correct size for anyone viewing the document using Word 2013. Anyone who opens that document in Word 2010 however will see it in a much smaller frame.

If created in Word 2010, it will be correct when viewed in either Word 2010 or Word 2013.

Note also that for PDF files to contain Captivate outputs, you need Acrobat XI. The PDF add-on supplied with standalone RoboHelp is not sufficient.


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