Adobe RoboHelp

Previous versions of RoboHelp have all had a specific name, RoboHelp 2015, RoboHelp 2017 and RoboHelp 2019 in recent years.

The purpose of the About RoboHelp sample project is to highlight the features, explain how to use them in an easy to follow way and let you see some of them in use.
It is less detailed than Adobe's own online help but the aim is to get you going quickly. For many users that will be sufficient to get started, leaving the online help for the more detailed issues.
Use the project to test things without risking damage to your production projects.

Adobe introduced a new user interface in Adobe RoboHelp 2019. From this version onward, it will be known only as Adobe RoboHelp.

There will, of course, still be major releases and new features with updates in between but these will be identified by their version number rather than by their name. Going forward Adobe RoboHelp will be licensed on a subscription only model and the subscription will include all updates as they are released.

This sample project will be updated from time to time but may not always be in sync with the latest product update. It is currently synced with 2020.0

What's In Adobe RoboHelp?

The new and changed features in Adobe RoboHelp are highlighted in What's in Adobe RoboHelp and explained in this tour.

Users upgrading from a Classic version, you should also see the 2019 pages here.

Making Changes to the Sample Project

Should you make changes to the sample project that you cannot reverse, you can easily get a fresh copy. Delete the broken copy that is in Documents > My RoboHelp Projects and grab a fresh copy from Program Files. Don't attempt to open it from there, it will not function properly.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 2020\resources\data\template\projects\RoboHelp Reimagined.

 With each update, both copies of the sample project are updated.
The copy in Program Files is replaced entirely.
The copy in My RoboHelp Projects replaces all the files that were in the original installation including any files you have modified. It does not remove any files you have added.
If you want to retain your current copy, rename the folder before you apply the update or move it to another location.