RoboHelp 8 - Project Manager Changes

I have seen a number of requests to organise the folders in Project Manager in the way the author wants them, not a rigid A-Z or Z-A order.

Now there is a new icon that allows four sort orders:

  1. A-Z
  2. Z-A
  3. Custom Ascending
  4. Custom Descending

Click this icon and you will see the default A-Z order reverse. Click it again and it will toggle.

What's new is that you can drag folders to where you want them, you should see a green arrow that works in much the same way as the TOC editor. If you don't see it at first, just click the icon and try again.

Practise with a test project first and maybe back up your main project(s) when you try with them, just until you are happy with the changes. The method works but it just takes a little getting used to it.

Here you can see an example. The logic of this topic is the Introduction, followed by new topics, then changed topics and finally older features. That is emulated in the folder layout that I have created.

For those of you who use the Auto-create TOC feature, you will be pleased to know that uses whatever view you have set up.