RoboHelp 9 - Tools > Options

The old style dialog has been replaced by a more modern configuration dialog.

General Settings

  • The Review section is new and relates to the new RoboHelp 9 Reviewing features.
  • The Help button has gone walkabout but help remains available by pressing F1. Apply has also been removed so you have to click OK to save changes and close the dialog.
  • The option in all earlier versions to "Save without Prompt" was cleared by most authors. When closing a topic, they then were prompted if there were unsaved changes and, importantly, they had the option to close the topic without saving the changes. With the old checkbox ticked, there was no way to close the topic without changes being saved.
    This has been replaced by a misnamed field "A file is saved". With that option ticked, when a file with unsaved changes is closed, the prompt will appear. So "Display Confirmation Dialog When" should continue "A file with unsaved changes is closed" as that is when prompt appears to give the author the opportunity to save. It does not appear every time a file is saved, indeed that would be annoying.
  • Notifications is new and described in RoboHelp 9 Notifications.

Recent Projects Settings

Nothing new here.

File Association Settings

Nothing new here.

Resource Manager Settings

This is new and relates to the features described in RoboHelp 9 Resource Manager.

Note the option to use Resource Manager without linking. The "Check for update of linked resources" field will still be enabled but will not relevant.

The periods set below are the least frequent refresh rates. They work in the background and the refresh has been optimised so that it should not impact on network traffic.


A nice clean up operation with the scope to easily organise new stuff in the future.