RoboHelp 9 - Browser Preview

View a topic in a browser

A new button has been added to the Preview window allowing you to select any of the browsers installed on your PC. The topic then opens in the selected browser.

View a layout in a browser

You can also view the whole project by right clicking and selecting View With.

Can't see the browser you want?

If one of your browsers does not show in the list, try setting it up as the default browser on your PC and then opening RoboHelp. Once it appears in the list, you can change the default browser on the PC back to your preferred default browser.

You can add any browser but note that Adobe RoboHelp does not claim to support all browsers. Currently it supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Safari is also supported on the Mac OS.

Google Chrome

You will find that you cannot open WebHelp from the start page if the help is installed locally. This is not something that Adobe or any other help authoring tool can overcome as it is the result of security measures put in place by Google to prevent cross-frame scripting. Google are the only browser organisation to have done this.