RoboHelp 9 - Page and Line Breaks

Line breaks have existed in RoboHelp for a long time and are useful for various purposes such as starting text on a new line within a numbered list.

  1. Item one.
  2. Item two.
    A bit of information about item two.
  3. Item three.

The problem was that you had to know the keyboard shortcut, Shift + Enter. Now though Line Break has been added to the Insert menu to make it more obvious and is accompanied by Page Break, which is new. I may want to force a page break when users print the topic, for example before an image or a table. Ordinarily if you printed this page, the image below would be on the same page as this text. I have inserted a page break at the end of the next line though, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Enter. Print this topic and see what happens.

The page break will work when you create Printed Documentation as well.


Whilst you have to be careful with the page breaks when you add content later, this is nonetheless a very useful addition. It helps make topics more print friendly and the fact that it goes through to Printed Documentation will save post generation editing.