RoboHelp 9 - Word 2010 Support

Microsoft Word 2010 is supported in this version of RoboHelp.

Word 2010 is a welcome upgrade from Word 2007 which was retrograde in many ways for power users. You could not create your own toolbars or customise the ribbon without resorting the third party add-ons. Word 2010 allows you some customisation of the supplied ribbons and the ability to create your own.

When RoboHelp 9 was first released, only the 32 bit version of Word 2010 was supported on a 64 bit system. 64 bit support was added in a Service Release.

Here's what Adobe posted on the matter.

Windows 7 64-bit OS supports both 32 bit and 64 bit applications. Legacy 32 bit applications run in 32 bit mode, called Wow mode. Due to Windows architecture restrictions, any 32 bit application cannot interact with a 64 bit application. Currently RoboHelp 9 runs at 32 bit in Wow mode on 64 bit Windows OS. When RoboHelp (32 bit) tries to interact with Office 2010 (64 bit) it fails and RoboHelp thinks that Office is not installed.

The error message is rather bizarre.

"The version of Microsoft® Word you are using has some known limitations with documents that contain a large number of list items (~1500). To avoid this problem, please download the latest Office 2000 service release (SR-2 or later). For more details, please see the online Help".

Long term users of RoboHelp will recall this message. What it has to do with this problem is beyond me.