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AIR help is a form of help from Adobe using .AIR technology. Whilst AIR Help remains an output offered within RoboHelp, it is no longer being developed. I would not recommend starting any new projects with this output.

The Templates and Skins

The features and appearance depend on the template and skin that you choose. At the moment there are three templates, Classic Help, UniPane and Accordion.

You get different features with each template so you can give your users whatever you deem best for their needs. Within each template there are features that can be turned on or off as you choose. The templates also have different skins that alter the appearance. RoboHelp 9 has an AIR skin editor so that you can customise the skin to match your corporate branding.

The features within each template are covered in RoboHelp's online help repeated below. Search for Template for the Help Application to see the original.

The Classic Help Template


Don't be misled by the name. It is far from being the way help always worked. It is Classic in the sense of being tri-pane, but it is tri-pane with a turbo!

Here I have adjusted the screen proportions to show what is available.

The Multi Tab Accordion Template


The UniPane Template



Note the magnification slider above (bottom right). The screenshot below shows the sharpness at 135%. At 200% the letter E in Experience Bank took up the height of my screen and it was just as sharp. I haven't seen such effective magnification anywhere else.


Take it down to 50% and it is still completely legible. (I have had to shrink this screenshot so that it fits the printed version. Note it is still clear!)

The LNG file

The LNG file accessed from Project Settings allows you to change the text you see in the templates. You could change the How Do I tab to Procedures or whatever you prefer.


This section describes the Comments pod in RoboHelp 9.

The comments icon opens the comment pod below the topic.



Displays the area for entering a comment related to the current topic.

The dropdown allows the user to select whose comments they want to view.

The options are to view all comments or just the comments for the current topic.

Send and Receive comments to a file or to a network location.

Your own viewer

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