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Over time frequently accessed topics that covered various features become overtaken by changes and they are become less relevant. However, there will always be some users who continue to use the feature. To remove clutter from the main areas of the site I have generated PDFs of those topics and made them available here.

If you can't find what you were looking for or want to view older versions of my site, try where they store copies of the site going way back.

The PDFs



AIR Help

These topics relate to Adobe AIR Help, a help file generated by Adobe RoboHelp classic versions. They do not cover AIR technology as used by developers.

Adobe AIR Help

Adobe AIR Help in RoboHelp 9 and above

Adobe AIR Help Templates and Skins

The topics link to other PDFs that are not available here. Please let me know if you need any of them.


This covers a means of allowing customers to customise the help themselves without using RoboHelp. It was developed in response to customer requests but never implemented once they realised what was involved! The method is for Classic versions of RoboHelp only.

Customising Help

Customising Help - Editing custom_linklist.js

Customising Help - Links to Customer Files _ Intranets

Customising Help - Links to Customer Files _ Intranets - Alternative Method


This topic has been replaced by Skins.


This was a link to a project no longer available.



The Sun Viewer

Demo Project


I have not archived this topic as I understand the method is no longer valid in modern browsers.

Merged Help

Merged AIR Help

Merged DUCC Help

Home Button in Classic Versions

Link TOC in one project to a topic in another project (Classic Only)

RoboHelp 9

Using RoboHelp 9.

RoboHelp 10

Using RoboHelp 10.

RoboHelp 11

Using RoboHelp 11.


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