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A regular request on the RoboHelp forums is a means of creating a link that targets a particular dropdown and opens it for the user. Various methods have been devised over the years and I have covered them since 2004! These have had to be revised from time to time and I am grateful to various people for revising the scripts. More recently Willam van Weelden has got them working again and they are now available on Help Essentials. Note they are for Classic versions of RoboHelp only.


Please follow this link to Help Essentials.


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Changes to this page

09 Jun 2020

Note added to advise the method is for Classic versions of RoboHelp only

04 Feb 2017

Note added re use with versions above RoboHelp 10.

03 May 2013

Link to Willam van Weelden's site corrected.

04 Apr 2012

Old non working methods removed. Link created to Willam van Weelden's site.

11 Apr 2011

Added caution that this page is for older versions of RoboHelp and added a link to Willam van Weelden's site.

18 Jun 2009

Note added that my own tests show Method 2 is broken in Adobe RoboHelp 7 but working in 8.

24 May 2008

Note added that report received indicating Method 2 works in Adobe RoboHelp 7.

02 Dec 2007

Note added that report received indicating Method 2 does work in X5.0.2.

20 Dec 2004

Note added indicating that Method 2 does not work in RH Version X5.

22 May 2004

Method of highlighting the false broken links added.

17 May 2004

Topic amended to include a method which is easier but falsely reports broken links.