HTML5 Multiscreen and Responsive Layouts



RoboHelp offers two types of HTML5 output, multiscreen and responsive. This page explains the differences.


RoboHelp 10 introduced Multiscreen HTML5. At its simplest, there is a different layout (skin) for each screen size that you want to support so you have to set each one up to your requirement. This format was found to be difficult to use by some and in RoboHelp 11 Responsive HTML5 was introduced. The key difference is that the designs for each type of device, desktop, tablet and smartphone, are built in.

Multiscreen continued up to and including RoboHelp 2019 Classic but was dropped in the new UI version.


With Multiscreen the author has to define how they want things to work on each device to be supported. That could be desktop and mutliple screen sizes for tablets and smartphones. That gives maximum flexibility but also requires more technical knowledge than the Responsive layouts that followed.

The option remains available but unless you have a very specific need to use Multiscreen, I recommend using Responsive layouts as they are easier and getting better support with new features being added. I doubt that Adobe will progress Multiscreen any further given that Responsive has proved much more popular.


If Multiscreen is your choice:


The advantage of the Responsive output is that the design and cut off point for each device is built in and requires no work on the part of the author, other than any chosen customisation. There is an editor built in to customise the skin.

Responsive layouts have proved to be hugely more popular and new skins are getting added with each version of RoboHelp. As well as the appearance changes, new functionality is getting added. There is information about Responsive outputs in the RoboHelp Tour. The link goes to RoboHelp 11 and there is more in the topics about later versions.


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