Importing and Linking Word Documents



This page covers the difference between Importing and Linking and how to import or link. Some of the information will be common to importing and linking to FrameMaker documents but I do not use FrameMaker and no specific information is provided for that application.

See below for links to specific instructions and for troubleshooting information when things have not gone as expected.

Importing and Linking - What's the difference?


When you import a Word document it is imported as one or many topics depending on how you configure the import. Once the document has been imported there is no relationship with the Word document and any changes to it will not be reflected in your topic(s).


When you link, a relationship is retained and updates to the document can be reflected in your topic(s).

How to Import/Link

New UI

RH2019 Importing/Linking Word/Fm Docs (

RH2020 Importing/Linking Word/Fm Docs (

Describes how to import using RoboHelp 2019 New UI and above.

RoboHelp 9.0.2 to 2019 Classic - Importing

Describes how to import using RoboHelp. It covers all Classic versions from 9.0.2 to RoboHelp 2019 Classic

RoboHelp 9.0.2 to 2019 Classic - Linking

Describes how to link using RoboHelp. It covers all versions from 9.0.2 to RoboHelp 2019 Classic

General Information (Classic versions)

General information that can be useful when your import has not gone quite as expected.


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