Importing Word Documents and Troubleshooting



This page provides general information and some troubleshooting tips that can be useful when your import has not gone quite as expected. It is based on issues found with Classic versions of RoboHelp up to and including RoboHelp 2019 Classic but some may be relevant in the new UI version of RoboHelp.


This topic covers Classic versions of RoboHelp only


It is quite common for questions on the RoboHelp forum to show the poster's frustration when Word documents do not import without problems.

It is just too easy to blame RoboHelp. As my very good friend Rick Stone (RoboWizard) points out, you are mixing oil and water and that can be tricky!

Importing a Word document into RoboHelp can be a painless procedure if you follow some rules. Ignore them and what you see in RoboHelp may not be what you want.

Some years ago I imported a number of documents that looked great in Word but in the online help they were completely unacceptable. In identifying the causes, I found more about what is behind peoples' comments about the import not working. The reality was less about RoboHelp's shortcomings and more about importing poorly formatted documents.

The documents had been created by someone who had put a lot of effort into making them look good and they truly were professional looking documents. The truth was that whilst they looked professional, they were not. If they wanted an indented paragraph, they selected the paragraph and used the indent icon rather than apply a style that was indented. If they wanted different bullet symbols they applied them manually to those lists rather than use styles. On and on it went. I spent quite a time cleaning up the documents, reversing these malpractices and applying proper styles. After that the import was so clean that I only had a few minor changes to make in RoboHelp. What I found then remains valid when working in the later versions of RoboHelp.

In Word there are right ways of doing things and wrong ways but the appearance of both is the same so people think, wrongly, that their document is good and blame RoboHelp when importing a document that does not work as expected.

Quite apart from such issues, there are many other factors that can affect your import. If you are not getting the results you expect, this page covers what to look at.

Reviewing and Fixing

Having imported the document(s), these are the things to look for, not necessarily in the order presented. Remember this is a list of many of the things that can cause problems, you are unlikely to encounter all of them and some will only occur when using older versions of RoboHelp.



General appearance

From a quick visual check in the WYSIWYG editor, your topics should look pretty much like they did in Word. If they don't and the styles seem to be messed up, look in Word for manual formatting that has been applied at paragraph level as opposed to character level.

Manual Formatting

What you should be aiming to have is a Word document that uses styles for each paragraph format that you want, rather than styles with variations being created manually. For example you should use Normal for most paragraphs and Normal Red for paragraphs that are to be formatted with red text, not selecting a paragraph and applying Red to the text. Unfortunately the latter is what most Word users will do but it is not the correct way.

Any manual formatting will convert to an inline style in your online help. You should be aiming to have it convert to an html class as that is controlled from your style sheet and makes mass changes much easier.

To find manually formatted paragraphs, make sure you have Keep Track of Formatting applied in Word. Also in the Style Pod tick Show Preview so that you can see where just the style has been applied and where it has been overridden.

The + sign indicates you have taken the style and modified it for that paragraph. "Normal Red" or "Heading 1 Red" would be OK as that indicates your document contains styles with that name. The + symbol is what you are looking for. You may find that you have to repeat the process several times over in the Word document as Word will ignore what we may regard as similar formatting because technically there is some difference.

The other way of doing this is to press Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + Spacebar as that removes all manual formatting. You then get the document back to the required appearance using styles rather than manual formatting. Be careful with that one though as it may make more changes than you really want. Check immediately and use the wonderful Undo feature if necessary.

It's OK to have individual words manually formatted as the import routine creates classes for those. That's useful as you can quickly change the class so that something bold in Word can be blue and bold in RoboHelp.


These should import with no unwanted changes to your HTML.


Paragraphs should show in the style dropdown as either Normal or with a class that represents the style applied in Word.

You should find any paragraphs with the Normal style in Word come through as standard <p> tags in HTML. If you find instances of the <p> tag being written as<p class=InLineNormal> look to see if the document used Body Text rather than Normal. If it did, then use Word's Find and Replace to change the style to Normal. Also try clearing the "Auto-create styles from inline formatting" check box that you will see during the import process.

Other paragraphs will have a class applied and will look something like <p class=TheNameApplied> such as Indent, Bold, whatever name you used in Word for the style or changed it to during the import.That is correct.


Tables should import cleanly using RoboHelp 6 or above. From RoboHelp 8 onwards you can map the Word table styles to RoboHelp table styles so that you have CSS driven tables.


If after the import you see text with a grey background, the problem is the way the bookmarks were defined in Word. Instead of placing the cursor in front of some text and creating the bookmark, this problem occurs where the text has been selected and then the bookmark has been created.

You will need to run the import again doing one of two things. Either clean up the bookmarks individually (try an interim import after you have changed some, just to make sure it is working) or you need to strip out the bookmarks and recreate them later.

My macros include one for this purpose but do run it on a copy of the document, not the original.

You can of course live with the grey background, it does no harm and simply means the topic does not look quite right in the RoboHelp editor.

Less obvious things that can cause problems later

Remove the meta tags that reference the source document.


RoboHelp adds these meta tags when importing a Word document. They can cause various problems, mostly but not exclusively when creating printed documentation.

<meta name=Originator content=ImportDoc>
<meta name=OriginalFile content=Working_Copy_2008_Procedures.doc>

These can cause problems when generating a printed output.

1] I was seeing tables with some borders twice the correct width and other borders correct. Removing them fixed that issue.

2] One poster found that the topic footers were appearing in his printed output. Many people would like to be able to do that but, ironically, this poster did not. Also the topic footers appeared at the bottom of the body of each page, not in the Word footer.

After import you apply a different CSS but your content does not display the styles correctly.



During the import and embedded style sheet may be created.

I have found this in topics created during import and of course it overrode what was in my stylesheet.


A:visited {
color: #800080;
A:link {
color: #0000ff;

Check the body tag

I found the language had been defined as below. I'm UK based so I removed the language reference.

<body lang=EN-US>

Check for unwanted code.

I found this at the end of my topics. To be honest, I don't know why it was there but my hunch is that one day I'll regret leaving it in and find it is the cause of some problem. If all else fails, try removing such code.

<implicit_p><b style="font-weight: bold;"><span style="font-size: 20.0pt; font-family: Verdana;"><br
style="clear: all;" clear=all>

Images may not show in Project Manager

Importing the images into a new project, I found they were in the topics but not shown in Project Manager. By looking with Windows Explorer, I found they were in a folder within the project. The folder had the name of the source document, Working_Copy_2008_Procedures, but that folder was not shown in Project Manager.

I added a new folder named Working_Copy_2008_Procedures and suddenly the images appeared!

Using your own CSS

During the import, RoboHelp will create its own stylesheet for the document.

For some authors that style sheet will be sufficient but if you are planning to change the topics to your own pre-existing style sheet after the import, then you should aim to match the styles. Normal in Word will map to <p> and heading styles will also map correctly. Other styles you need to test and it may be easier to modify a class in your style sheet to match the class name the RoboHelp has applied during the import.

If you are going to use your own pre-existing style sheet (css file), make sure the names of the styles match in the Word document and the CSS. You can change the names to make them match either in Word or during the import.

If the HTML and the topics look good, you can now apply your own style sheet. You can either do that with the individual topics or you can select all the imported topics in the Topics tab, right click and then apply your style sheet to all the topics. If after apply your own style sheet you notice that the style dropdown in RoboHelp is displaying the style in CAPS, it means that style is not defined in the style sheet. Your HTML is saying something like <p class=YourStyleName> but that style is not defined in the css file you have just attached, so RH tells you by showing it in CAPS.

Useful Tools

There are two main tools that you may find useful in this process. Macro Express and FAR. See Useful Tools and Links to find their websites.

Macro Express

At its simplest, you perform an action once recording it as a macro. Then you repeat it as many times as you want. It's much the same as recording a macro in Word except this works with any program you use. Last time I looked it was free for one month so you can easily find out if it is for you. There are other programs around and some of them free but in my opinion, this one is far and away the best. It can do all sorts of other useful things, like remember all your standard paragraph wordings.


FAR stands for Find and Replace which is in fact just one of the things it does. The beauty of this Find and Replace tool is that it finds strings across multiple lines (most do not and miss the string if it is not all on one line) and it works across multiple files. With careful use of this tool, you can quickly change all sorts of things that are not quite right. Bear in mind though that you can just as quickly wreck the whole project if you mess up, so take a copy of the project before you start. Again this tool is free to start with and it is my preferred tool


If you find the information and tutorials on my site save you time figuring it out for yourself and help improve what you produce, please consider making a small donation.

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