Linking Word Documents to RoboHelp New UI



This page describes how to link a Word document to a RoboHelp New UI project.



The process has been simplified. Documents in DOCX format are simply imported into the project and then you click Create/Update Topics. That's it! The topics are created/updated using the settings that are defined in the default import settings file (wsf) in your project settings.

Importing gives you more control over the appearance of the topics created as different settings can be applied to each document imported. However, there is no link between the topics after the import so later changes to the document will not be reflected in your project. In many cases that is fine and it may even be preferable not to have your project affected by later changes.

Topics created by linking all share the same settings as defined in the default WSF file in Project Settings. However, where documents are going to change and your project must reflect those changes, then linking is the better option.

You can edit the topics created but note the edits will be lost next time you update.

How to Link

Simply right click in the Contents Panel and select Link > Link File and browse to any DOCX file.

When the DOCX file is displayed in the Contents Panel, hover over it and select Create Topic(s) in the Options menu and your topic(s) will be created. The settings for the linked document will be whatever is defined in the default wsf file selected in Project Settings.

There is a menu option Edit Settings as below. Click that to change the settings that will be applied to the default wsf file as defined in Project Settings.

The WSF File

A project can have as many WSF files as you may want. Note though that all linked documents will use the default WSF file selected in Project Settings.


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