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Replace Text (previously BKReplaceEm)

A multi-file find and replace tool. I prefer FAR (see below) but this one has the advantage that it is free! FAR has, in my opinion, better functionality and a better interface to justify the low cost.

Batch File Renamer

I use Batch File Renamer when I need to:

  • Add prefixes and suffixes

  • Change the case

  • Fill blanks with underscores

  • etc.

There seems to be a problem on the devoloper's site but you can still find it at and some other sites. Be careful about other products with the same name. This is the one that in my opinion has much better functionality.

CSS Introduction

Here's a nice introduction to Cascading Style Sheets.

Edit Pad Pro

An excellent text editor. There's also a free version for personal use but the Pro version is worth the price. The Pro version lets you create a version that works from a portable drive.


An excellent find and replace tool with many other useful authoring tools built in.

It's also an excellent launch pad to a whole host of useful stuff.

Folder Content Compare

The free version of Vice Versa's excellent tool to compare the contents of a folder and report the differences. Can be set to compare just the file size and date for speed. The CRC method also checks content. Use the "both" for a complete check.

If you have two copies of a project and are not sure what the differences are, or even if there are any differences, this will resolve the problem.

Help Essentials

Many of you will know Willam van Weelden from the RoboHelp forums. He partnered with Jonathan Smith, a former colleague of mine, and they created Help Essentials. It hosted many alternative HTML5 layouts and some very useful scripts to help maintain your projects. The site is now closed but some of the scripts and skins are now hosted on this site.

HTML Code Tutorial

Somewhere to learn about HTML with clear explanations. Also see w3schools below.


A free HTML editor with a HTML Tidy built in for cleaning the extra lines of code that Word puts into the html version of a document.

IDBE Ribbon Creator

Word 2007 stripped power users of the ability to customise their menus and create toolbars. What Microsoft gave you was what you got. Your old toolbars appeared in the Developer ribbon in a pretty ugly way. The main reason was that support desks would be able to tell users what to do without hearing "that option is not in my menu." That was great for support desks but a nightmare for power users wanting to set things up for their workflow.

Word 2010 restored the ability for individuals to add items to a menu or ribbon and create their own ribbons. But what if you wanted to share that new ribbon with someone else? Simple, export your UI and let them import it. The problem with that was that their customisations got wiped in the process. Neat! NOT.

What I needed was the ability to give a significant number of people a specific ribbon that did not work that way and left their customisations untouched. Microsoft do give you the ability to do that using the Custom UI Editor, which is fine if you have developer level knowledge of Word. I don't. That's where Gunter Avenius' IDBE Ribbon Creator came in.

Using just its interface you have access to many built in Word commands and many icons. If that is "all" you need, it is straightforward to use, after a few attempts you can have a good looking ribbon.

It gets a bit more difficult if you need to use your own macros as you have to reference them in a module that IDBE supply. It's not simple but I did manage to get it working and I do not regard myself as a Word developer. I can copy and manipulate macros but not write them from scratch.

If the Custom UI Editor is beyond you, this is certainly a good low cost way to create ribbons. The work I produced has been so popular that instead of being rolled out to maybe a hundred or so users in my division, it is being rolled out across the group.

To help you understand how support for this product works, anything you do in its interface is supported. If things you write in the supplied module do not work, that's for you to resolve and is outside the scope of their support.


As it says on Marc Achtelig's site...

"Do you write technical documentation? Here you can find know-how, tools and links that help you to design and to write clear, concise, user-friendly manuals, online help files, screencasts and other forms of user assistance."

Marc provides a lot of information and lists many of the tools that make life easier. Well worth a look.

Javascript Debugging

I have no knowledge of javascript but I know some RoboHelp users have that skill. If you need a debugging tool, try this site.

Macro Express

Write macros that work with any application.

  • Link it to RoboHelp so that you can have shortcuts to change styles in the same way as in Word.

  • When variables are not the solution, insert text that you repeat throughout your help so that you always get it word perfect.

It's low cost and you will wonder how you survived without it. You can use it to automate many tasks outside of RoboHelp as well.


RoboHelp 2017 has added the ability to have thumnail images in specific HTML5 layouts. It will be quicker to implement but MagicThumb has more options.

Do you want thumbnail images that expand when the user hovers the mouse over them? Maybe you want one click to expand and one click to contract? Try the images below.

This one will expand over the thumbnail when clicked. Click the image or the optional button to close it.

I have set it to just have a close button. If you are setting up an image gallery, you can also have Next and Previous buttons.

This one will centre on your screen when clicked. Click the image or the optional button to close it.

I have set it to just have a close button. If you are setting up an image gallery, you can also have Next and Previous buttons.

This one will expand when you mouseover the image and contract when you move the mouse away.

I have set this image up with no buttons. It's an option with any effect and because moving the mouse away closes the image, I saw no point in having a button here.


The discrete acknowledgement on the image is there because Magic Toolbox have kindly allowed me to use the free home use version. It does not appear if you are using the commercial use product, which is inexpensive.

In Dreamweaver you insert the thumbnail and link it to the full size image, then you add the parameters to get the effect you want, apply a style class and that's it. The required CSS styles can be added to an existing style sheet or you can use the supplied CSS.

In this page I have applied the paramater to each image because I want different effects. If I wanted to have the same effect for all images, I would add the information after the reference to the javascript file.

<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript">
MagicThumb.options = {

Support has been excellent.

Notepad ++

This is a free text editor with excellent colour schemes for HTML and JS files. It really is very good and it integrates with the context menu in Windows Explorer so that you can open any file using this tool. Many RoboHelp files can be edited in this way.

There is also a portable version that you can run from a flashdrive. Click here.


For those of you up to speed with javascript, this site has scripts that enable you to provide bubble text information while hovering over text.


If you need to search and replace across large numbers of text or html files without opening them, this is the tool. The search can be text based or a regular expression.

Regular Expressions Info

A site devoted to writing regular expressions. Includes a tutorial.

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet

Dave Child's clear cheat sheet to regular expressions.

RoboHelp Links

Feature request / Bug report

Please follow this link to report bugs and request features. The more people who do so, the higher it gets prioritised.


Far and away the best screen capture tool around with too many features to list here. Most of the images on this site have been captured using Snagit.


A great program that automatically backs up files for you or synchronises folders. You can use it to upload your webhelp to the server and keep the server free of files that are no longer used. See Publishing WebHelp

An excellent source of "how to" for html, css and so on. As well as the tutorials for newbies, it has some excellent reference topics for the old stagers. A 'must visit' site. Also see HTML Code Tutorials above.


An excellent freeware link checker. If you have merged webhelp, RoboHelp does not report broken links across projects so you need a utility to do this. Dreamweaver and FrontPage have such functions but see how quick this one is.

Thanks to Roger Nilsson of Copperfield Publishing for this link.


If you find the information and tutorials on my site save you time figuring it out for yourself and help improve what you produce, please consider making a small donation.

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