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How bulleted (unordered) and numbered (ordered) lists work in RoboHelp.

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Single Level Lists

Multi Level Lists

Upgrading from earlier versions to RoboHelp 8 and above.

June 2019 - These pages cover the steps for use with RoboHelp Classic versions. See the RoboHelp Tour for the steps in RoboHelp New UI.


All was well in the land of lists until authors asked for multi level lists and Adobe added them to RoboHelp 8. The key problem areas are:


There are many forum posts covering problems with lists after upgrading to RoboHelp 8. These stem from lists having been created using paragraph styles in earlier versions instead of list styles.

Click here to find out how to fix things.

Single level lists

To create a single level list such as those below, click here. The information includes using images in single level lists.

Bulleted / Unordered List

  • Item
  • Item
  • Item

Numbered / Ordered List

  1. Item
  2. Item
  3. Item

Multi level lists

Click here to find out how to create and manipulate multi level lists.



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