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What's covered?

How to change all the links in your topics to lower case.

June 2019 - The steps here are for use with RoboHelp Classic versions.


From time to time, the need to change webhelp file names to lower case arises.

There are four parts to the work involved. RoboHelp needs to be kept closed during all of them.

  1. Changing the file names where they appear in hyperlinks
  2. Changing the file names anywhere else they appear in the project.
  3. Changing the file names themselves.
  4. The CPD File

Do read ALL the sections before you start.

Changing the file names in hyperlinks

Do not consider doing this unless you have a good backup.

The only way I can see of doing this, apart from the painful method of going into every topic and manually editing, is to use Regular Expressions. It is outside the scope of this topic to give a tutorial on that subject. For those not familiar with Regular Expressions, they are a formula for finding strings where the content is variable. The expression

<a href=".+.htm">

should find any hyperlink and you then need to set your regular expression program to replace what is found with lowercase. You need to preview the changes to make sure that nothing else is changed.

I use PowerGrep for this and I know others use a program called BKReplaceEm.

Changing the file names elsewhere in the project

Do not consider doing this unless you have a good backup.

This may vary from project to project so you need to find every file that contains references to file names. The easiest way is to create a topic with a unique name and then search through all files in the project.

I created a topic called Redrabbit.htm. It's a trick I have used before as I have yet to find a real help file with a topic about red rabbits!

Next I searched through all the files in the project to find any that contained a reference to and again I used PowerGrep. BKReplaceEm would do the same job as would various programs you can find.

You need to exclude these file types from the search, fla, swf, jpg, gif, chm and cpd.

Apart from hyperlinks, I found Redrabbit.htm in the following files.

FlashHelp.ssl, WebHelp Pro.ssl and WebHelp.ssl.

The only filename in these files is whatever you generate the help to. It is only one line to change and I suspect changing the filename when you next generate would change the file anyway.


This is really an xml file and it would be easy to write a regular expression to make the changes. For those not into regular expressions, the whole line that contains the filename could be selected and changed to lowercase with a decent text editor. Depending on the number of files, the second option could be a bit tedious.


Virtually the same as [2] but the line with the file name also contains the word "Local". Not a problem with regular expressions but the text editor method would require a case sensitive search and replace to change "local" back to "Local", although it might not matter.


All the file names are in one section so just select that section and use the text editor to change the case.


Several lines that need amending either manually or by using the text editor to do it.

Changing the file names themselves.

Do not consider doing this unless you have a good backup.

For this you need to find a utility that will change all the file names in a project and that can limit that action to the HTML files.

I looked at a few and my choice was Batch File Renamer. See Links on this site.

It allows better control over what is changed than the others I looked at. The choice is, of course, yours and you won't run the utility without a backup, will you?

The CPD File

Delete this file. When RoboHelp is reopened, it will create a new CPD file.


You should be able to reopen the project and rebuild your output. Test it thoroughly!

Good luck and remember, it is a process where you have to be very methodical.

For what it is worth, I did this in a project with over 10,000 files and it is still working two years on.


If you find the information and tutorials on my site save you time figuring it out for yourself and help improve what you produce, please consider making a small donation.

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