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The normal way of producing the TOC in merged webhelp is to create a TOC in each project covering the topics in that project. In the parent project, you add a reference to the sub project wherever you want it to appear in the combined TOC. Sometimes in a merged webhelp setup, a book in the parent project, or one of the others, needs a reference to a topic in another project and this topic describes how that can be done.

Thanks to Hallie Bourne for suggesting this method.

June 2019 - This page covers the steps for use with RoboHelp Classic versions up to and including RoboHelp 2019 Classic.


Use a redirect!

Say you want a page in the TOC of Child Two that links to a topic in Child 3.

  1. In Child 2 you create a topic that is like the blank topic in the Parent project.
  2. Open it in HTML View and add a redirect with the relative path from that topic to the target topic in Child 3. Redirects are described in the articles on merging webhelp.
  3. In Child 2 add the redirect page to the TOC. That will be simple as you are adding a page that is within the project.

When the user clicks that page in the TOC, it will open momentarily and redirect to the required topic in Child 3. The user should not see the redirect page. You may want to store all your redirect pages in one folder so that you know where to locate them. That is not essential.


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