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One of the regular problem areas for authors is printed output from RoboHelp. Like many others, I hacked around until I got it working the way I wanted and carried on from there. By putting in some set up time, printing now works without effort. I have recorded my findings in the hope that it will help others from wasting valuable time.

Oct 2020 - This page now covers RoboHelp versions from RoboHelp 9 to RoboHelp 2020.

Printed Output Topics

Click here to see how printed documentation works in RoboHelp 2020. Click here to download a zipped copy of the project so that you can try it out.

Click here if you are generating a PDF from RoboHelp 2019 New UI.

Click here if you are generating a Word document from RoboHelp 2019 New UI.

Click here if you are using RoboHelp 11 to 2019 Classic.

Click here if you are using Adobe RoboHelp 9 or 10.

Click here for information about problems with the printed output in Classic versions.


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30 Oct 2020

Revised to include printed documentation from the 2020 version.

17 Jun 2019

Amended to cover applicable RoboHelp versions.

18 Feb 2017

Topic reviewed. Links to print topics for versions before RoboHelp 9 removed.

03 Sep 2016

Reference to RoboHelp 2015 added.

14 Jan 2014

Link to new topic covering RoboHelp 11 added.

23 Nov 2012

Confirmed RoboHelp 9 procedures work in RoboHelp 10 as well.

10 Oct 2011

Link to old topic on numbering added. Explains how numbering has changed.

Link to topic on print issues added.

31 May 2011

Effectively this became a new page.

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