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This topic describes issues and some of the bugs encountered with RoboHelp 10. It will be a mix of things that I have found, things that others have found and links to useful bits of information to help you on your way.

The more people who report a bug or request a feature, the more likely it is to be actioned. So if you see a bug below that you have encountered, please follow this link.

The rows with a darker background indicate bugs that have been fixed in a patch. It does not follow the other items are bugs that have not been fixed. Some will be "how to" items.







14 Feb 2014


WebHelp problems with IE10 and IE11.

Some issues have been experienced recently and I suspect browser updates as they are features that were working as designed. See Snippets > Browsers > Item 5.


18 Aug 2013

Laura Power

Upgrading projects from earlier versions.

RoboHelp 10 allows you to run your projects from a network drive. It is important that they are upgraded from earlier versions whilst still on a local drive, as Laura found out! Once upgraded, the project can be moved and reports indicate this is working well. Do backup regularly for a while until you have established they work well on your network.


16 Apr 2013

John Daigle

Autosizing popups do not work in Preview.

If you have autosizing popups in your project prior to upgrading to Rh10, they may not work as popups when you Preview the topic. They do howwever still work when you generate your help.

I have encountered this problem on one PC and not on another. I suspect it is project related.

New popups created in Rh10 will be OK.


13 Apr 2013


Multiscreen HTML5 for Windows Phone.

If you need to add a Screen Profile for a Windows phone, the browser agent is Windows Phone.


05 Apr 2013


Patch 10.0.1 Released.

This patch can be downloaded via the RoboHelp Help > Updates menu or from Adobe's site.

Click here to see what it contains.

If you are having a problem with WebHelp in IE10, see Item 15 in Snippets > WebHelp.


19 Mar 2013

Peter Grainge

Conditional Build Tag renaming not picked up in WebHelp Layouts.

If you change the name of a CBT and then look in a Microsoft HTML SSL, you will see any build expression has picked up the new name. Prior to Rh10, that would have happened in a WebHelp SSL but now you need to amend the build expression manually.


18 Mar 2013

Peter Grainge

Rh10 OLH opens help for RH8.

A few users have found that opening RoboHelp's own help opens the help for Rh8. A solution was posted on the forum but it has not worked for everyone. It is fixed in patch 10.0.1.


18 Mar 2013

Peter Grainge


Problems with links from the default topic opening a blank page have been reported on the RoboHelp forums. This is not a Rh10 specific issue and there is a fix. Please see Item 15 in Snippets > WebHelp.


10 Feb 2013


TOC does not open in WebHelp.

jyip69 reported that the TOC books would not open. This was linked to the Google IE frame add-on that we have previously seen cause problems. Shannon (sRankin99) had encountered the same problem and found an earlier solution did not work for her. However, she posted this solution.

Click here to see the thread.


Open the whver.js file in the root of your output using a text editor such as Notepad.

Locate var gbAIRSSL=false;) around line 27

Insert above that var gbChromeFrame = (gAgent.IndexOf('chromeframe')!=-1);

Locate var gbWhVer=true;) around line 125

Insert above that







Shannon also posted that any variants of this file such as whver_nc.js need to be changed. The -nc variants are a hangover from the days of Netscape and you should not find these in new outputs.

Back up the file(s) before making any changes.

Thanks to John Daigle for pointing out the change will get overwritten every time you generate the help. That can be resolved by applying the same change to the template stock file at

32 bit systems

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp n\RoboHelpHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_stock

64 bit systems

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp n\RoboHelpHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_stock

Do back up that file somewhere it can be retrieved later if the original is needed.


09 Feb 2013

Peter Grainge

\!ScreenLayout!\ folder is created in WebHelp outputs.

This is a source folder required to create HTML5 outputs. It should not be included in WebHelp outputs and can be deleted. I am told it can cause problems with Sharepoint.

Fixed in Patch 10.0.1


09 Feb 2013

Willam van Weelden

Opening Rh10 projects in Rh9.

It is not recommended that you open Rh10 projects in Rh9, particularly if any of the new features in Rh10 have been used. If you must do so for some reason, create a backup first.

Delete the CPD file. Open the XPJ file in a text editor such as Notepad and on the second line change the major version to 4. Save the XPJ changes and then open with RoboHelp.

If you still encounter problems, repeat the process and remove the Multiscreen references from the XPJ file under the Collections tag.

I repeat, this is not recommended.


09 Feb 2013

Help Dodger

Word 2013 Compatibility.

Word 2013 was release after Rh10 so it was no surprise that generating printed documentation did not work. I haven't tried it personally but I am told that double clicking a printed documentation layout will not work with Word 2013, neither will clicking Generate. Help Dodger found that if you right click the layout and select Properties you can then generate printed documentation. I understand you may get a macro error the first time but that it will work after that.


30 Dec 2012

G Lundeen

AutoFit to Contents not working in Design Editor.

G Lundeen found a table upgraded from RoboHelp 9 with the columns set to AutoFit to Contents had a much wider first column than the remaining columns even though the content did not force that.

I found the same with a new table created in RoboHelp 10 with no content to force the issue.

The good news is that the table were correct in browsers. However it does make working with tables difficult as you cannot visualise what the user will see. Pending the bug being fixed, see if AutoFit to Window suits you.


23 Oct 2012

E Eddings

Resource Manager loses links when upgrading.

After upgrading earlier version projects to RoboHelp 10, a few people reported links to Resource Manager were lost. E Eddings posted a solution. Click here to see it.

Fixed in Patch 10.0.1


23 Oct 2012

Peter Grainge

Beware of media queries in non HTML5 outputs.

Whilst testing the media queries feature described in my RoboHelp Tour, I set a rule that on Android Tablets, Normal should be blue text. No change was made to Desktop.

In Design Editor all worked as it should. However, when I uploaded some changes to the RoboHelp Tour using a WebHelp layout, I found Normal was displaying as blue whereas it should be black. I then repeated the test in a brand new project using the default.css. Same result. In the Design Editor all is correct, the problem is only seen in the generated output. The problem shows in Firefox, Chrome and Safari but not in IE.

This will probably only affect anyone working with the new Multiscreen HTML5 output. If you are, I suggest you create a copy of your CSS and call it something like MyStyleSheetHTML5.css. Rename the existing CSS as MyStyleSheetSTD.css. When generating you can use the Apply To All Topics as required.


10 Aug 2012


Known issues from Adobe.

Click here to see Adobe's published list of known issues.


01 Aug 2012

Peter Grainge

Find and Replace in Files.

First it is necessary to understand that this replaces the old feature that searched across multiple files in a project. It does not replace the Find or Find and Replace dialogs that search within a topic, they remain.

There are two gotchas.

The first is to be aware that if you use the regular expression search, the replace string is pure text. You cannot enter a regular expression there.

The second is rather more important. You can search using Begins With, Must Contain, Must Not Contain and Ends With.

  • Begins With and Ends With works correctly.
  • Begins With, Must Not Contain and Ends With works correctly.
  • Begins With, Must Contain and Ends With is dangerous.

Instead of searching for the first instance of Begins With and searching for the Must Contain within the next instance of Ends With, it searches for the last instance of Ends With in the topic. It can delete much more text than it should. Do not use this until the problem has been fixed, or at least, check very carefully what is going to be replaced.


01 Aug 2012

Peter Grainge

Installing the PDF Add-On.

You need to be aware of the logic here before you install RoboHelp 10.

RoboHelp requires the current version of the PDF Add-On which is part of the full Acrobat program.

If you do not have any version of Acrobat on your machine, the PDF Add-On will be installed and will allow you to produce PDFs from RoboHelp.

If you have the Acrobat X on your machine, then it will be recognised and left alone. RoboHelp will use that.

If you have a version older than Acrobat X (9 or earlier), that will be uninstalled before installing the current Add-On.


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