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This topic describes issues and some of the bugs encountered with RoboHelp 2015. It will be a mix of things that I have found, things that others have found and links to useful bits of information to help you on your way. It is not an exhaustive list of the bugs found, just those I have become aware of through following the forum.

The more people who report a bug or request a feature, the more likely it is to be actioned. So if you see a bug below that you have encountered, please follow this link.

The rows with a darker background indicate bugs that have been fixed in a patch. It does not follow the other items are bugs that have not been fixed. Some will be "how to" items.

For a list of all bugs fixed in this version, see Adobe's Resolved Issues page.







18 Sep 2019


Locally installed WebHelp not working in Firefox 68.

See Snippets WebHelp > Item 22.


19 Mar 2017


Unable to generate a mobile app.

Click here for a fix provided by Adobe.


19 Mar 2017


Responsive HTML5 output does not render correctly in Microsoft Edge.

Click here for a fix provided by Adobe.


18 Mar 2017

Peter Grainge

RoboHelp 2015 imports two copies of an image.

If you import a Word document and it contains a high resolution image, RoboHelp will now import that as well as creating a lower resolution image. File Explorer will show both but Project Manager will only show one. The idea is that you can switch if wish. One will appear in the Unused Files report to enable you to clean up if you prefer to get rid of the unwanted image.

My own view is the import should allow you to choose which you want to avoid the clutter.


09 Mar 2016

Robert Taylor

External links from mobile apps do not work.

Adobe investigated Robert's report that any links to websites did not work and are now working on a fix that should be in the next patch.


26 Jan 2016


Blank popups in IE11.

This was reported by some users and a temporary fix was issued. That is now part of the service release below.


24 Jan 2016


Conditional tags ignored when batch generating.

The problem has been fixed in a patch.


24 Jan 2016


Crashes when generating printed documentation.

I had two reports of this. Adobe looked into it for me and reported back with this information.


The CSS used contains a word specific property "mso-bookmark" in element <h3> generated by older version of word and which is not valid for Word 2010 or 2013. So can you please try to change this property to its newer equivalent? 


A quick test for a CSS problem would be to simply apply a different CSS when you generate the Printed Output. You can override the topic CSS in the print layout configuration. Use the default CSS for simplicity. The output will look wrong but you will know the CSS is the issue if it generates with a different CSS.


24 Jan 2016

Willam van Weelden

Error - Failed to resolve macro.

I have seen this reported a number of times. In this thread Willam van Weelden posted this response.

This is a common problem with RoboHelp projects upgraded from versions before RH10. This error indicates that your language files misses some strings. You can solve it in either of these two ways;

Method 1 - Let Robo recreate the language file:

  1. In your project, back up the !Language! folder.
  2. Delete the folder.
  3. Trash the CPD and reopen RoboHelp.

RoboHelp will create a new language file (and if something goes wrong, restore from the backup and try method 2.)

Method 2 - Manually update the language file;

  1. Open the language file !Language!/en_us/RoboHHRE.lng with Notepad or another text editor.
  2. Find the section <section name="MultiScreen">.
  3. For each error 'MSM_CUR_LNG.JS_alert_LoadXmlFailed', create an entry with the text after the dot as follows:

    <element name="JS_alert_LoadXmlFailed" value="Failed to load XML file"></element>
  4. Save the file.
  5. Open RoboHelp and regenerate.


24 Jan 2016


TOC overlapping in responsive layout.

This was reported to me by a former colleage and then in this thread.

The thread includes a temporary workaround but the problem has since been fixed in a patch.


24 Jan 2016


Search tab labelled as Glossary.

IR-PROGNOSIS reported that in the HTML Help Window editor when Search was selected and Glossary was deselected, the final CHM output showed the Search tab labelled as Glossary. This did not happen if both Search and Glossary were selected when both were correct in the output.

The problem has been fixed in a patch.


24 Jan 2016

Peter Grainge

Images missing from headers and footers in printed documentation.

This problem occurred if you made any change to the content. The workaround was to generate to a different folder and then revert back to the folder to where you really want to generate.

The problem has been fixed in a patch.


23 Jan 2016

Peter Grainge & John Daigle

Updated Sample Projects.

The Employee Care 3 sample project demonstrates Dynamic Content Filtering but the example does not work correctly because of a late change in the programming. The sample below has been updated to work correctly and the Dynamic Content Filteing topic has been revised to explain the difference between using tags and expressions when creating the filters. See the dropdown text in the Tags versus Expressions section for an explanation.

The Travel the Whirls sample project was not affected by the change. The Dynamic Content Filtering topic has a minor change to cross reference the Employee Care 3 topic.



RoboHelp installs two copies of each sample project, one in Program Files and one in your User Profile. By default this will be:

C:\Users\YourLogin\Documents\My RoboHelp Projects\Adobe RoboHelp 2015\Samples

The latter is the one that you access when you click Open on the RoboHelp Starter page and then click Samples in the ribbon on the left. The copy on Program Files cannot be worked on in that location because of Windows restrictions. It is there so that you can always access a fresh copy.

After downloading, unzip these updated samples and replace the supplied copies.


25 Aug 2015

Peter Grainge

Windows 10 compatibility.

RoboHelp 2015 was released before Windows 10 and is thus not certified yet. The problem has been fixed in a patch


25 Aug 2015


Command line generation ignores build expressions.

In this thread it was reported that build expressions were being ignored when using command line generation. This has been reported to Adobe who have been able to reproduce the problem.


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