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Links to information about RoboHelp 2020 (Released 14 July 2020).

RoboHelp 2020 Features

RoboHelp 2020 no longer ships with a Classic version and is available on a subscription only licence. The new version is described in the RoboHelp Tour.


Adobe's Product Information

John Daigle's Quick Start Tutorial It's about one hour long and covers all the key aspects of RoboHelp 2020.

John Daigle's Advanced Tutorial Also about an hour long going into more detail about specific features.

RoboHelp 2020 Issues and Tips

This section describes some of the issues and bugs encountered with RoboHelp 2020 along with useful bits of information to help you on your way.

If you are looking for something you cannot see, try the Using 2019 topic.






13 Oct 2021


Advanced Settings in Lists Not Working.

If you select Advanced Formatting you may find issues with getting the numbering correct.

  1. Create a new list style. In the UI click Advanced Formatting.>
  2. Click the Increase Indent once to increase the indent.
  3. Now decrease to set it back to the default.
  4. Configure Level 1 as required.
  5. Change to Level 2 and click Advanced Formatting.
  6. Repeat Steps 2 to 4.
  7. Configure that level.


28 Sep 2021

Rebecca McF

Search Keyword Issues in Update 6.

Rebecca found that if she added a search keyword in the dialog when creating a topic or in Topic Properties, RoboHelp crashed.

This has been looked into by Adobe who found the issue is intermittent. That is being looked into. When I tested this I too found differing results. It is important to note that even if RoboHelp does not crash, when a search keyword is added in the New Topic dialog it will not show in Topic Properties or the code. For that reason you try to add Search keywords via Topic Properties only until this issue is fixed. If RoboHelp does not crash, then the keyword should work. Check Topic Properties.

See this bug report.


26 Sep 2021


Merged Help - Search in quotes broken in Update 6.

RoboFan reported that when he searched a merged help project with a string in quotes, no results were returned. I have tested and found the same problem. It has been reported at RH-10143. Please add your vote if you encounter the same problem.


26 Sep 2021

Peter Grainge

CSS Editor cannot parse the CSS.

Sometimes when you try to open your CSS or when you try to switch from source view to author view you will see a warning the the CSS cannot be parsed. There can be many reasons for that but one to look for is @media styles. If you comment these out by inserting /* before the style and */ after it, in many cases that will fix the issue. That has been reported at RH-10142 so vote for it if that is the reason you encounter the problem.


22 Jun 2021


Search Priority.

If you want to know the search priority, see this forum post. In particular the section starting Search algorithm has changed


22 Jun 2021


Index keywords not being excluded even though excluded by a condtion expression.

This was reported on the forum after applying Update 5. See this post. Adobe have acknowledged it is a bug that will be fixed in the next update.


16 Jun 2021

Peter Grainge and Amber

Issues applying P tag

Two issues have been reported.

- If you select the P tag in the Styles Panel, the style shown in the Styles panel is None. In source view you will see that class="null" is applied.

- A paragraph has a class applied but if the P tag is selected in the Styles Panel to remove the class, it remains applied and shows as the selected style in Styles panel.

Solution = Click None in the Styles Pod.

RoboHelp is not removing the class as it should. Adobe are aware and this will be fixed in an update.


14 Dec 2020

Peter Grainge

Check for Updates goes to Creative Cloud

This was an issue in the initial release of 2020 which shows as 2020.0 if you click the Help menu.

This was explained in the forum announcements. Go to Adobe - Support : RoboHelp Support Center : Service Releases and download the latest version from there. As with all updates, you only need to apply the latest available as that includes all previous updates. In fact it is a full installation so if you have uninstalled RoboHelp, just apply the latest update.


14 Dec 2020


Stop Words applied even though none created.

When a project is created no Stop Words are shown in the Output options. This caught David until he found the stop words are applied by default. By adding a stop list for his project language he was then able to edit them.


09 Sep 2020

Peter Grainge

Mobile App Creation.

Be aware that PhoneGap, which was used to generate Mobile Apps, was closed on 1 October 2020. See this PhoneGap Blog

It is no longer possible to produce a mobile app using that workflow. New presets will have to be created with different fields reflecting the new way that mobile apps need to be generated. It is likely that you will need developer assistance as it is a far more complex procedure.


25 Jul 2020


Can't generate a CHM output.

If you installed 2020.0 on a machine that had not previously had a Classic version of RoboHelp installed, you would not be able to generate a CHM output. It was fixed in the updates.


20 Jul 2020


Problems with Command Line Generation.

Adobe identifed a problem with command line generation. It was fixed in the updates.


17 Jul 2020

Peter Grainge

Can't access the new Review feature?

You need to install the Creative Cloud Desktop app. You can download it from Adobe's site.


17 Jul 2020

Peter Grainge

RoboHelp 2020 freezes on opening.

This issue in 2020.0 was fixed in the updates.


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