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What's covered?

This topic describes issues and some of the bugs encountered with RoboHelp 9. It will be a mix of things that I have found, things that others have found and links to useful bits of information to help you on your way.

The more people who report a bug or request a feature, the more likely it is to be actioned. So if you see a bug below that you have encountered, please follow this link.

The rows with a darker background indicate bugs that have been fixed in a patch. It does not follow the other items are bugs that have not been fixed. Some will be "how to" items.







09 Feb 2013

Willam van Weelden

Word 2013 Compatibility.

See Item 7 in Using Rh10. I am told the solution there also works with Rh9. Note however, it was tested on a machine with both versions of RoboHelp installed. If you find the method does not work on a Rh9 only machine, please let me know.


11 Jan 2013

Peter Grainge

Page breaks add an unwanted line when followed by a change of style.

The ability to add a page break from the menu was added in RoboHelp 9 as described in the RoboHelp Tour. Regina Borja found that when the page break was followed by a change of style, RoboHelp was adding an unwanted blank line in the printed page.

After coming up with a couple of ideas between us that had other problems, I found this neat solution.

Open your CSS in a text editor. Add this

.break{ page-break-before: always; }

(You can change the instance of break in red to anything you like but no spaces).

  1. In a topic go to where you want the next page to start.
  2. Put the cursor at the beginning of that line.
  3. In the style dropdown you will find "break" or whatever you called it.
  4. Select that.
  5. You will see the page break symbol above the line.

The nice bit about this solution is it works in any version of RoboHelp. Remember, these page breaks will carry through to your Printed Documentation outputs.


12 Mar 2012

Peter Grainge

Breadcrumbs fail with Airplane help using Browser Based AIR Help.

If you use the "AIR Help Application and Browser Based Help" option when generating AIR Help, when users are online the breadcrumbs links will give a Page Not Found error. The solution is the generate WebHelp instead for the online content.


23 Jan 2012


Service Release 9.0.2

Click here to see what has been fixed by this service release. If you publish eBooks, you will need to replace the 7za utility that was required with 9.0 and 9.0.1. Instead you need zip.exe.


17 Jan 2012

Peter Grainge

Images overwritten when pasting from Word.

Ross Flaven found that if he copied some text and an image from a Word document and pasted it into RoboHelp, then repeated the process with some different text and another image, when he pasted that into the same topic the first image was overwritten.

I found a workaround by saving after each paste.


17 Jan 2012


Supporting files overwritten when importing HTML files.

When you import an HTML file into a project, RoboHelp will report the CSS file and any images that will also be imported. The dialog allows you to deselect those files which you would do if they are already in the project and you do not want those copies overwritten. This might occur, for example, if you are importing a topic from an old project and do not want the old version of the CSS to overwrite the project copy that you have updated.

In RoboHelp 9 even if you deselect the supporting files, they will nevertheless be imported. There is no way to stop that so you are reliant on backups.


10 Oct 2011


Conversion settings when importing Word documents not saved.

This problem was fixed in Service Release 9.0.2.


10 Oct 2011


Unable to create, edit Adobe Captivate demos.

This problem was fixed in Service Release 9.0.2.


10 Oct 2011


Enter key does not launch WebHelp search using Chrome.

Click here for the solution on Adobe's site.


28 Jul 2011


WebHelp search not working in Chrome.

Mary reported that with webhelp generated from RoboHelp 9 she was not getting any search results when using Chrome. Later she identified this only occurred if the Chrome Frame plug-in was installed. Uninstall that and all was well. Given that Google indicated the plug-in was in beta, it was unlikely that Adobe would respond.

Dodswm came to the rescue with his first post on the Adobe forum.

Edit whver.js in root of your project:
in around line 27 add (just before var gbAIRSSL= false;)
var gbChromeframe = (gAgent.indexOf('chromeframe')!=-1);
then at around line 125 add (just before var gbWhVer=true;)
gbSafari = false;
gbSafari3 = false;
or change the whver.js file in your RoboHelp installtion folder, eg: *c:\Program Files\RoboHelp 8\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext\template_stock\*

I look forward to more posts from Dodswm (m d uk2 on the RoboHelp forum).


23 May 2011

Peter Grainge and Adobe

Resource Manager loses synchronisation when project moved.

If you move your project to a different machine you may find that synchronisation will be lost.

  • If you use copy and paste to transfer the project between machines and the target machine has the same drive letter mappings, then sychronisation should be OK.
  • If you use a zip file to transfer the project between machines and the target machine has the same drive letter mappings, then synchronisation will fail. This is because the time stamps on the files will be different. Fortunately the fix is simple, delete the CPD file before you open the project on the target machine.
  • If the move to another machine is temporary, such as taking a project home to work on, you will be able to work on the project as long as you do not need to use Resource Manager - the copy of RoboHelp you are using will not be pointing to the same resources and you should not try to hook up to new ones. Once the project is back on the original machine however synchronisation should be OK. This assumes you have transferred the project using copy and paste rather than using a zip utility.
  • In either scenario, if the folders in Resource Manager do not have the same drive letter mappings, synchronisation will fail.

If all your resources lose their synchronisation and what is above does not help, you can either fix the broken links between resource manager and the local files one by one or you can try try this solution.

  1. First make a backup copy of the project, just in case it goes wrong!
  2. With your project closed, open rhsharedresource.apj in a text editor such as Notepad. You will see the current path and can edit it there to show the path required from the new machine.
  3. Trash the CPD file in the copy and then reopen the project.
  4. You will then get a message telling you the images are out of sync. (You know that!) Click Sync
  5. You will then get a dialog asking if you want to update what is in the project. The unintuitive options are Override or Skip. That means Yes and No. Click Override.
Best Practice

Where projects are likely to be moved between machines that see the same resources, the simplest solution is standardise on the drive mappings. It's OK to use a zip utility to transfer the projects as long as you delete the CPD file before opening the project.

Where that cannot be done, then when creating the links to the resource folders enter the server name and path instead. After Resource Manager has been linked to a resource using a drive letter, you cannot change it in RoboHelp.

For users of source control it is particularly important that you either standardise on mapping letters or you use the full server path.

Adding Shared Locations with a Server Name

To link to a resource folder with the server path click the Add Shared Location icon

Browse to the required folder in the dialog that will appear and click OK.

You will then see a dialog with the mapped letter and the folder name.

Assuming the server name is Server01, amend the path to \\Server01\ResourceFolder, enter a name for the Location and click OK.


17 May 2011

Peter Grainge and Karen Graf

Absolute path problem with merged CHMS

For a merged CHM setup to work properly, the HHP Merged Files section must contain the CHM names only, not the path. Where an absolute path has been created in versions before RoboHelp 9 it has been possible to edit the HHP in a text editor. Some users of RoboHelp 9 however have found the path is added back in. The merge works fine on their machines but not on others where the path is no longer valid.

I worked with Karen Graf and between us we have come up with these instructions.

Click here for the instructions.

Click here for the RoboHelp 9 projects.

This problem was fixed in Service Release 9.0.2.


16 May 2011


Word ignores restart numbering from multi-level lists.

If you use multi-level lists and have to use Restart Numbering (from the context menu option List Styles) it works as expected in the online help. If you generate printed documentation and map to a multi-level list style in Word, the restart number will be ignored. Thus if your topic needs to restart a list at say "5", it will be OK online but would be numbered "1" in Word.

I am advised there is nothing Adobe can do about this because of the way Word works. Your options are:

  • Do not map to a Word document, use the CSS option.
    The list will appear as required but it will not be a true list in Word, in other words if you add an item in Word it will not be renumbered. If no editing will be needed, this is a valid option.
  • Map to Word but do not map the multi-level list style to a Word multi-level list style.
    This works in the same way as the CSS option.
  • If your printed output must contain a valid list, insert a line above the restart point in the topic and enter some text such as
    ### Force numbering restart in Word ###
    and apply a tag so that line only appears in printed documentation. Once your document is created, you then search for that to find out where to restart lists with a forced number. It's not elegant but the issue is with Word. This option is only needed if the printed document will be worked on after generation.

See "Numbering continues instead of restarting at 1 in Print Issues for a workaround.


05 May 2011


Service Release 9.0.1

Click here to see what has been fixed by this service release.


22 Feb 2011


Seeing Conditional Build Tags wrongly applied and / or duplicated span tags?

If you switch from the HTML view to the Design view in a topic that has CBTs applied, the CBTs may randomly be applied to other text as well. The problem is more likely to occur in topics with multilevel lists and tables. In that event, close the topic without saving.

You may not see the problem until you re-open the topic in which case you will need to either manually correct the tags or import an earlier version.

This was fixed in Service Release 9.0.1 which also addresses these issues seen by some users:

  1. Multiple span tags being applied.
  2. When piece of text contains a user defined variable that is tagged with a CBT, it appears correctly at first but then after going to HMTL view and returning to Design view, the CBT over the variable has disappeared. The remaining text in the statement remains tagged correctly, only the variable loses its tag.


22 Feb 2011

John Daigle

Where has RoboSource Control gone?

RoboSource Control can be installed from your DVD or unzipped download.

If you have TCS3, it will be found in \Add-ons\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboSource Control.

If you have RoboHelp 9, it will be found in \RoboSource Control.

There some known issues on 64 bit machines - See Item 3 for an example.


22 Feb 2011

Peter Grainge

Some useful workspaces.

Download this file that contains four useful workspaces ready set up. General is the one I use day to day.


02 Feb 2011

Peter Grainge

WebHelp SSL does not hold setting to publish.

If you tick a publish location, it may not be ticked next time you generate. As a result the Publish button will not be enabled.

You have to go to the Publish settings every time to tick the location.


02 Feb 2011


Office 2000 message displays when you use Word 2010 64 bit.

If you attempt to create printed documentation using Word 2010, you may well scratch your head if see this message:

"The version of Microsoft® Word you are using has some known limitations with documents that contain a large number of list items (~1500). To avoid this problem, please download the latest Office 2000 service release (SR-2 or later). For more details, please see the online Help".

You will only see it if you installed the 64 bit version of Office and Adobe posted the following information.

Windows 7 64-bit OS supports both 32 bit and 64 bit applications. Legacy 32 bit applications run in 32 bit mode, called Wow mode. Due to Windows architecture restrictions, any 32 bit application cannot interact with a 64 bit application. Currently RoboHelp 9 runs at 32 bit in Wow mode on 64 bit Windows OS. When RoboHelp (32 bit) tries to interact with Office 2010 (64 bit) it fails and RoboHelp thinks that Office is not installed.

In short, RoboHelp 9 will only work on a 64 bit system with the 32 bit version of Office 2010. The person who reported this confirmed that after switching to the 32 bit version of Office 2010, printed documentation was created.

This problem is not unique to RoboHelp. Also see this page with Microsoft's own recommendations that state that if you are using applications that interface with Office, you should use the 32 bit version. Whilst the page refers to Office 2013, I believe it also applies to later versions.


24 Jan 2011


Trial version install fails on Windows 7 64 bit.

The trial version installation failed for a few people as posted on the RoboHelp forums.

The problem is being investigated but the temporary solution is simple.

After downloading, the procedure is to highlight the exe and click launch.

The default location in Windows 7 is C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Adobe RoboHelp 9.

Don't save to that location. Instead unzip to a location outside your profile. I suggest C:\RoboHelpSetup. If you run the setup.exe file from a location outside your profile, RoboHelp should install OK.

If you have already saved the files, just move them.


15 Jan 2011


Dynamic User-Centric Content category dropdown does not work on Unix servers.

To Fix the issue, replace “ContentList.xml” with “contentlist.xml” in whtbar.js file present in <RoboHelp Install Folder>/WebHelp5Ext/template_skin/whtbar.js

Because of Windows 7 security, you may need to create a copy of that file and edit it in a location outside of Program Files and then replace it. Keep a copy of the original file just in case.


14 Jan 2011


Windows 7 64 bit limitations with RoboSource Control.

On Windows 7 64 bit machines, multi-author check-in in RoboSource Control 3.1 has certain limitations when RoboHelp 9 is installed. A fix is available from Adobe.


14 Jan 2011


Word linking and search not working with Word 2010 on 64 bit machines.

On 64 bit machines, Word linking does not work for Microsoft Word 2010 and search for docx, xlsx, and pptx files in the output does not work.

This problem was fixed in Build 9.0.1


14 Jan 2011


Dropdown text not included in PDF review. Conditional text not excluded.

Dynamic HTML, such as drop-down text, is not included in the PDF created for review and needs to be reviewed separately.

Conditional text cannot be excluded and this may make the PDF difficult to follow.


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