RoboHelp 10 - Search

Search has been improved with a number of changes.

  • There is an option to show the total number of search results.
  • The author can add an option for users to select "Only topics with all words".
  • You can now exclude specific baggage file types from the search results.
  • Support for CJK (Chinese / Japanese / Korean) search has been added.
  • You can now search on numbers.
  • The External Search now has own pod, you can export and import external searches between projects and there is now conditional build tag support.

External Searches

External searches were added to the search options in RoboHelp 9 allowing you to add links to sites you want included in the search results.

Import / Export

In RoboHelp 10 you can now export searches from one project and import them into another. Unfortunately it's all or nothing. The export is all of the external searches in the source project, that's OK. The import though is also all of the searches, you cannot be selective and it deletes the existing searches in the target project. If you have say twenty searches in a project and just want to import one or two more, you will not be happy.

There is a behind the scenes workaround. The searches are all stored in SearchOptions.xml and you can open that file in a text editor. What you need to do is find the particular search you want and copy it from one project's file to the other one.

Each search starts with the tag <urloption> and ends with the tag </urloption>

Copy the required search including the tags from one project's SearchOptions.xml file to the other.

Obviously it is wise to back up to first.

Conditional Build Tags

You can now right click any external search and apply a conditional build tag.

Search Metadata

You can now get to Search Metadata much quicker from the Edit menu.

It's quicker than the old drilling down through File > Project Settings > General Tab > Advanced button > Synonyms etc.

Note also you can now access the LNG file more quickly from the Edit menu.


If search results are in a dropdown, all dropdowns in the topic will be opened and the results highlighted.


Not only have the keystrokes been reduced, these features have been made more obvious.