RoboHelp 10 - Snippets

You can now apply a CSS to a Snippet. The idea here is that you can apply a CSS to the Snippet and see what it will look like in a topic that uses the same CSS. However, the topic CSS still overrides the snippet CSS in the output.

  • If the Topic has the same CSS as the Snippet in preview or the output, then the appearance will be the same as in the Snippet.
  • If the Topic CSS differs from the Snippet CSS or if you apply a different CSS to your whole output, then the appearance will depend on how the styles used in the Snippet CSS are defined in the topic or output CSS.

Thus if you have a style called Highlight in the CSS used for the Snippet and that is defined to display text in red, then in a topic using the same CSS that style will be red. If however a topic has a different CSS where Highlight is defined as blue, then in preview of the topic or in an output, that style will appear as blue.