RoboHelp 10 - Style Editor

There are now four ways that you can edit styles in RoboHelp 10!

  • RoboHelp's single style editor
  • RoboHelp's CSS editor
  • RoboHelp's Design Editor
  • Your preferred CSS editor.

The style editor allows you to scale images.

RoboHelp's Single Style Editor

Right click a style in the Styles and Formatting pod to access this dialog.

You will now see the name of the CSS file containing the style and an option to amend the style for specific media as covered in RH10 Media Styles.

RoboHelp's CSS Editor

Right click the CSS file in Project Manager and select Edit or Edit With > CSS Editor. You will open a much changed editor that gives you access to all the CSS files in your project and to apply Media Styles

As described in RH10 Twisties, it is now easy to create different twisties and you will find editing hyperlinks much easier.

If you will be using Media Styles, then using this editor may well be preferable to using third party tools.

Div tags

Now you can create div tags within RoboHelp and set the properties shown below.

Hyperlink Styles

The different states of a hyperlink have always caused some confusion for newer users. Now you just find Hyperlink and the states are listed. You can also create classes of hyperlink by creating copies and editing the colours, different colours for different purposes.

Image Styles

Here you can set up any fixed sizes, margins, borders and suchlike.        

RoboHelp's Design Editor

Right click the CSS file and select Edit With > HTML Editor. The CSS file will be opened in the Design Editor where you can edit in the same way as in any text editor.

Your Preferred CSS Editor

Right click the CSS file and select View. The CSS file will then open in whatever program is associated with CSS files on your PC.