RoboHelp 10 - WebHelp


The Multiscreen HTML5 layout does not use frames so its output will not hit the problem caused by Google not allowing cross frame scripting to work in Chrome; the problem prevented WebHelp from working in Chrome when installed locally.

Adobe have also made changes to WebHelp so that it too can run locally using Chrome.


A few authors have hit problems where the servers on which their help resides are not configured to use the default encoding that RoboHelp applies.

For RoboHelp 8, Adobe provided a tool that allowed different encoding to be applied where the site administrator could not or would not make the required change. That tool was built into RoboHelp 9 but without an option to exclude the BOM (Byte Order Mark) that was also an issue for some authors. In RoboHelp 10 there is an additional option so that UTF-8 encoding can be used with or without the BOM.