RH10 Projects on Network

RoboHelp 10 projects can be located on a network drive. Yes you did read that correctly, your projects can be located on a network drive.

The RoboHelp forums have seen many people have problems with projects being located on a network. Some users have been told they have to work that way because of corporate policies, notwithstanding that it would cause corruption. In most cases the compromise has been to zip up the project at the end of each day and put that on the network to be swept up by the backup procedures.

Now your projects can be worked on from a network drive. Initially I would exercise some caution as how well things work will depend on the network. I have done some work with a project on a network drive and whilst it is slower than working locally, I did not have any problems or suffer any project corruption.

Consider a free or low cost backup tool initially to save your work every few hours until you are satisfied your network is good enough to work this way.