RoboHelp 2015 - Dynamic Content Filtering

Responsive layouts allow your content to be viewed with ease on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The appearance adapts to suit the device, RoboHelp takes care of that. Now RoboHelp 2015 adds something extra for your end-users, dynamic content filtering.

  • You provide the filter options to suit the requirement be that geographical regions, trade specialization, equipment type and so on.
  • The end-user chooses what they want to see rather than having to wade through everything you have provided.

Whatever options the end-user chooses, the results come from one output. Authors who have used Content Categories (Dynamic User-Centric Content) with its output for each category will welcome this reduced footprint.

Authors can quickly see how the options will work by using the Tagged Output View.

You can set this up so that the user can select just one of the options or so that they can multi-pick. If you have used Content Categories in an earlier version of RoboHelp you will welcome the greater options Dynamic Content Filtering brings, so will your end-users.

Dynamic Content Filtering comes with URL support which means that you can embed the filters within a URL and then use that URL in CSH calls giving more targeted contextual help.

This RoboHelp Tour demonstrates Dynamic Content Filtering. See the Filter icon above.

Update 20 Jan 2018: You can see John Daigle's You Tube video where he gives an excellent talk about Dynamic Content Filtering.