RoboHelp 2015 - New HTML5 layout

RoboHelp 2015 ships with brand new layouts that greatly enhance the end-user experience. In the new layout you can:

  • Configure the search results to appear in the content or topic panes
  • Use the Comments field in the Status tab of Topic Properties for Descriptions that appear in the search instead of the first few lines of the topic.
  • Show breadcrumbs and search context in the search results.
  • Easily show/hide widgets such as index/glossary/TOC and so on.
  • Add social widgets out of the box so that pages can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Choose to hide the branding bar on smartphones to give more screen space.
  • Convert to right to left layout with the click of a button. Note that you cannot create topics using right to left languages in RoboHelp. The content can be created by translation agencies or Technical Communication Suite users can link to FrameMaker content.

The new layout remembers the state of the books in the TOC and two or more books can be expanded.