RoboHelp 2019

Revised for Update 14.

I usually split version topics between features that are new and those that have changed. I can't do that this time as in RoboHelp 2019 everything is new!

Although the old familiar version ships in the form of RoboHelp 2019 Classic, RoboHelp 2019 is completely new, it has been recoded on a new platform that going forward means Adobe can introduce new features and fix issues much faster than ever before.

New User Interface

Let's start with a quick look at the new interface.

  1. The Project Toolbar. Here you will find various icons to access Content (think Project Manager in Classic), TOC, Variables and so on.

  2. Project Component Panels. As you click on each icon in the toolbar, the associated Panel displays. The Contents Panel, the TOC Panel, the Variables Panel and so on.

  3. The Authoring Area. This is where you edit topics and other features.

  4. The Properties Panel. Displays the Properties of whatever has focus in the authoring area so that the properties can be edited.

These are described in more detail in the User Interface and as you work through the RoboHelp Tour.

Contents Panel shows what is in File Explorer

You can still import images and other files but now that's not the only way. You can add folders and files using File Explorer and they will show in the Contents above.

Beware of renaming folders and files in File Explorer as that can still break links in RoboHelp.

HTML5 and CSS3 Supported

The new editor supports both HTML5 and CSS3. Previously HTML5 outputs were generated from HTML4 code in the source topics.

SVG, WebP and Font Awesome

SVG, WebP and Font Awesome are now supported.

New Skin Editor

The skin editor now allows changes to all skins.

There is also a change in terminology.

  • Previously, for Responsive HTML5 help, the design was referred to as the layout.

  • Now "layout" will refer to the structure and "skin" will refer to the appearance.

The changes mean Adobe can change the underpinning code of the layout without any loss of customisation to the skin.

Resource Linking

Resource Manager has been replaced by Resource Linking.

Source Control

Source Control is supported and additional source control tools are being added.

Multi Author

More than one author can work on a project without source control. This does not allow different authors to work on the same topic or for different authors to work simultaneously on the same feature, such as the TOC. Use with care.

This can be done across a network or using cloud based projects.

Always backup the project before you start multi-authoring this way.

RoboScreen Capture

RoboScreen Capture will be installed but it will not be directly accessible.

Open it from Windows > Start.

Baggage Files Simplified

Add the file in the Contents Panel and then add it to the TOC. If you don't want users to see it in the TOC, tick Hide in Output in the Properties Panel.


You can now create links to a draft email that users can click in topics or the Table of Contents to create an email in their default email program.

Microsoft Word Not Required

No more issues with having a compatible version of Word installed. You do not need any version of Word installed.

  • Adobe RoboHelp 2019 will import and link to any DOCX file without Microsoft Word being installed.

  • For Printed Documentation you can create a PDF or DOCX output without Microsoft Word being installed.