What's in Adobe RoboHelp 2020?

Adobe RoboHelp is now updated much more frequently than was the case with Classic versions. Updates may add new features or be bug fixes only.

 There are important changes to how the TOC works in 2020. Do take a look at The Table of Contents.

Update 8

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed.

Update 7 - 2020.7

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed.

Windows 11 Compatibility

Adobe RoboHelp 2020 is now certified to be Windows 11 compatible.

Update 6 - 2020.6

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) has been added as a new platform in the Knowledge Base output preset.

Convert hyperlinks into cross-references

A script has been added in the Scripts panel to convert hyperlinks in the topics into cross-references. See Scripts.

Glossary Hotspot Tool

In addition to the script, there is now a more customisation option. See Glossary Hotspot Tool.

Headers and Footers in Word Output

You can add headers and footers in the Word Output in the same way as you can in the PDF Output.

List Editing Simplified

The style editor now splits the options into standard and advanced settings. See Standard or Advanced Formatting?

Static Headers and Footers

In Frameless skins you can make the headers and footers static in the The Skin Editor.

Update 5 - 2020.5

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed.

Advanced Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) Features

In Project Settings you can enable advanced features such as customised TOC icons. In the TOC Content Properties you will see and additional section HTML Help Icon. There you can apply different icons to different topics including an icon to indicate new topics/content.

See Project Settings and Table of Contents.

Change Tiles on Frameless Home Pages

For those frameless outputs that have Home Pages, you can either use the icons defined in the Skin Editor or you can define them in the Table of Contents. By defining the icons in the table of contents, you can also choose which sections and topics should appear as tiles.

Change TOC Icons in Frameless Outputs

You can now define your own TOC icons. See Table of Contents.

Open Frameless Topics without the TOC

You can now open a topic without the TOC when using Map IDs for context sensitive help. See Calling Context Sensitive Help


You can now delete reviews.

Save Relative Path in Output Presets

If the same project is opened on different machines it is easier if a relative path is shown. This is explained in more detail in the various Output topics.

Table Properties

When focus is in a table, the formatting properties now appear in the Table Properties as shown in Tables


You can now filter by TOC. See Translations.

Windows Jump List

If you have pinned Adobe RoboHelp to the task bar, unpin it and pin it again. Right click the icon to see a list of recent projects.

Update 4 - 2020.4

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed.

User Experience

  • Increased contrast.
  • Tooltips added throughout the UI.
  • Reorganized and scaleable right panel.
  • Enhanced color selection dialog with support for HEX, RGB and HSB formats.
  • Styles can now be listed by name or preview.
  • The Output and Review tabs can be turned off for users who only create content or do not use the Review feature.


  • Tab and arrow keys now allow navigation around the UI.
  • The main menu can be accessed by pressing the ALT key and the underscored letter.
  • Shift + F10 opens context menus.


  • Multilevel autonumber editing support including better control to style the number and the content and easy space adjustment between number and content.
  • Tab and Shift + Tab to control level in the topic editor.
  • Select multiple paragraphs and apply autonumber class in one go.
  • Condition expression support in the topic preview.
  • Double click and Enter support in Hyperlink dialog.
  • Shortcuts for applying style and inserting bookmark. Ctrl + Shift + S or B.
  • Ability to add hyperlink on an image by dragging and dropping a topic.
  • Save as PDF option in the authoring area context menu.


  • Custom Headers are now supported.


  • Search pagination supported.
  • Option to use the start text of a topic as the search context.

Frameless and Responsive Skins

  • Ability to hide the right panel.
  • Topic URL support in toolbar Links/buttons.
  • Ability to set a URL for the logo and title.
  • Separate placeholder texts for search boxes.

Knowledge Bases

  • Zoho Knowledge Base support.
  • New “Knowledge Base” preset.
  • Article based published for Knowledge Bases.
  • Option to publish as draft.


Reviews can now be submitted through the cloud.

Word Output

  • Table styles can now be mapped.

Update 3 - 2020.3

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed.

Feature Changes

Update 3 contained bug fixes only.

Update 2 - 2020.2

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed.


An additional option has been added to allow various default texts to be added to the sample chatbot agent. See Chatbot Output.

Update 1 - 2020.1

Bug Fixes

Click here to see the bugs that have been fixed.


An additional option has been added to allow various default texts to be added to the sample chatbot agent. See Chatbot Output.


ePUB has been renamed to eBook and now also supports the Kindle book format.

GIT - Revert to Previous Version

If you have issues on upgrading your GIT version, you can new revert to your previous version.

Hyperlinks - Browse to Bookmarks

You can now browse to bookmarks when creating a hyperlink. Previously only topics were shown and you had to drag bookmarks to a topic.


FAQ and Answer Boxes can now be added to all outputs. See Microcontent.

PDF Output

Hyphenation at the end of each line is now optional. By default it is deselected. See PDF Output.

Remove Text Attributes

You can now select a paragraph and bulk remove text attributes. See Bits and Pieces.

Single Tab Mode

You can now set Adobe RoboHelp to only allow one tab for topics when editing. See Bits and Pieces.

Topic Breadcrumbs

In addition to the usual context menu options in the authoring area, you can now click the topic breadcrumbs and access a new context menu.

Upgrade from Classic Changes

  • Only assets in the root folder of the Classic project will get moved to Assets on upgrade. See Upgrading from Classic Versions.
  • All baggage files will be in copied into the new project rather than just those that were in use.


You can now select text and create a variable.

Word Import

If you choose to add the imported topics to a TOC, you can now create a hierarchy within the TOC. Previously they were all at one level. See Importing/Linking Word/Fm Docs.

Version 2020.0

Advanced TOC

The TOC now works in different ways for Online outputs (Frameless, Responsive and ePub) and Book outputs (such as PDF and Word). See  The Table of Contents.


You can now create content for chatbot engines. See Chatbot.


Frameless skins and the Azure Blue and Indigo HTML5 skins are both 508 and WCAG compliant. See The Skin Editor.

Cross References

Think of cross references as links on steroids. See Cross References and Links

Font List

You can limit the fonts available for inline use. See Project Settings.


Microcontent allows you to produce mini topics that can be used for Answer Boxes and FAQ pages, standalone topics that developers can integrate within the app and for content to be used in chatbot engines. See Microcontent.


The Microhelp preset allows you to generate the Microcontent in the required format. See  Microhelp.

New Licensing

In line with other Adobe products, Adobe RoboHelp will be subscription only. This is already used by the majority of users.

There will no longer be a serial key. Instead users will log in using their Adobe ID. There will be special arrangements for corporate users so that the named author can be changed.

New Skins

Studio has the same features as Orange but a different appearance.

Top Navigation has a horizontal menu across the top of the screen rather than a TOC on the left. It does not have an index or glossary.

No Classic Version

This and future releases will no longer ship with Adobe RoboHelp. The 2019 version remains available for purchase as a separate product.

Preview in Browser

Now you can preview a topic using your selected browser. Hover over a generated preset and select View With from the menu. You can also right click to select View With.

RoboHelp for Mac

Adobe RoboHelp can now be installed on Mac machines.


RoboScreenCapture no longer ships with Adobe RoboHelp.

Page Break

Page breaks can be set in your PDF Output and your Word Output.

PDF Generation

There are major changes to PDF generation. See  PDF Output.


You can review your projects with Subject Matter Experts and others. See Project Reviews.


The authoring area now includes a horizontal ruler. See Bits and Pieces.

Salesforce, Servicenow and Zendesk

You can now publish your content to integrate with Salesforce, Servicenow and Zendesk.

See  Microcontent and  Content Only Output.

The Content Only Output includes the XML output.

Show References

Topic Properties now show Incoming and Outgoing links with other topics.

Table Templates

A range of table templates has been added to use as designed or modified to suit your requirements. See Tables.


A major new feature is that Adobe RoboHelp can machine generate a translated project and create XLIFF files to work with translation agencies.

See  Translation.


You can now zoom in or out of the topics in the authoring area.