WebHelp Output

At first sight it may appear WebHelp has been dropped in Adobe RoboHelp.

It hasn't! The difference between webhelp and responsive help is simply that webhelp does not adapt to the size of the user's screen whereas responsive help does. Adobe RoboHelp  has the same skins for both webhelp and responsive help but if you want your users to always have the same appearance no matter what their screen size, you can simply turn off responsiveness.

Dynamic User-Centric Content

Dynamic User-Centric Content as created in Classic versions is not supported. It is replaced by Dynamic Content Filtering. It will require some reworking but it is a better format with more options.

The WebHelp to CHM Converter Script

This is not supported in Adobe RoboHelp.

Generating the Output

Once you have defined the preset, click the generate icon.

Cancelling Generation

While an output is being generated, you can click the Cancel icon at any time.

Generation Errors

When you generate an output using Quick Generate, if it fails for any reason click the Error icon to access the log.

If you generated directly from the preset, you will get an error message. Right click the preset and click View Log.