Unlike Project Settings, Preferences apply to all projects opened in an installation. The same project opened on another machine will use the preferences applied for that machine. This will not affect existing content but may affect any changes. For example, if you use the General Settings shown below, all file names will have underscores applied rather than spaces. Existing files will not change if the project is opened on another machine with that checkbox deselected. New files on the second machine will not have underscores applied.

Click Edit > Preferences to review or change the preferences.

General Preferences

User Interface

This sets the language of the UI. It has no impact on the languages set in topics.


There are a number of supplied themes such as the one shown above. Amongst others there is a dark theme with a black background. When editing topics, the topic colors will be whatever is defined in the topic CSS.

Use Underscores in File Names

If selected any spaces in your file  names will be replaced by underscores to avoid %20 being shown.

Move Deleted Files to Recycle Bin

This option is selected by default so that if you delete a file from a project, it can be retrieved if required. Deselect if you want permanent deletion.

Create Cross-Reference on Dropping Any Topic in the Editor

Classic versions of Adobe RoboHelp would create a hyperlink when you dragged a topic name into a topic in the authoring area. Select this checkbox if you prefer to create the cross reference feature that has been added.

Enable Auto Save

If selected your project will be automatically saved at the frequency set in the additional field that will be displayed. You can still use CTRL Z to reverse changes back to when the topic was opened, even if you have manually saved changes.

Version Control Preferences

Get Latest When Project is Opened

Select this checkbox to automatically get the latest version of the project when it is opened.

External Diff/Merge Application

Browse to the exe file of the application you use to compare and merge versions of a topic.


Select the required checkboxes.

Team Foundation Client

Browse to the exe file of the application you use to work with Team Foundation Client.

File Association Preferences

In the File Extension field enter the extension of any file type you want to edit outside Adobe RoboHelp, such as an image type in this screenshot. Then browse to the exe file of the app. Once both fields are complete, click the + icons so that the details show below.

Tools Preferences

KindleGen Path

Enter the default path for any Kindle preset. It can be changed for a specific Kindle preset.

EpubCheck Path

Enter the default path for any Epub preset. It can be changed for a specific Epub preset.

User Interface Preferences

Ask for Confirmation On Drag & Drop in the Contents and TOC Panels

If you prefer to confirm such drag and drop operations, leave this checkbox selected. Otherwise deselect it.

Use Single Tab to Open Files

Select this checkbox if you prefer to work without multiple tabs open.

Application Tabs

In some teams only one author will generate outputs and some Adobe RoboHelp users will not use the Review feature. Deselect these options as required.

Spell Check Preferences


Run Spell Checking on Opening a Topic

Select or deselect this option according to your preference.

User Dictionary

Click the twisty icon to see any existing words you have added when working on topics. You can add new words and delete any added in error or that should be shown as incorrect in future.

Ignored Words

Words you have added when working on a topic will also appear here and can be deleted if required.