What's in Adobe RoboHelp 2022?

Update 3 - 2022.3


Easily add different types of citations Citations to your content in various formats.

Snippet Management

Manage your Snippets using categories.

CSS Editor Enhancements

Simplify your CSS editing experience within RoboHelp. See Bits and Pieces.

Enhanced PDF Publishing

More control to improve your PDF output. Chapters do not have to start on new pages and Citations can be added.

Publishing to Confluence

Publish your content directly to Atlassian Confluence. See Knowledge Base Output.

Update 2 - 2022.2

Update 2 contained bug fixes only. See the link above for details

Update 1 - 2022.1

CSS Editor Layout Changes

Table Header styles can now be added and the layout of the editor has been changed.

  • Redesign of the style list
  • Ability to search and filter styles list
  • Ability to list styles alphabetically or in the order in the stylesheet.
  • Ability to choose the display mode for the styles (display name or full name).
    For example the full name of two styles might be
    In the CSS editor you can select Show Full Selector to see them as above with Full Name both in the editor and the Styles panel when editing a topic. Otherwise they will show as 
    authornotes for both styles with only the symbol differentiating them.

DeepL Translation

DeepL has been added to the supported machine translation options in the Translation Provider APR dropdown.

Default Location

The default location forAdobe RoboHelp projects has always been in Documents > My RoboHelp Projects. This can cause path length issues and some users simply prefer to save their projects elsewhere.

In Preferences you can now define your preferred location. Sample projects will still be installed in Documents > My RoboHelp Projects.

PDF Metadata

More default fields and custom metadata can have been added. Also metadata in XMP file format can be imported making it easier to use consistent values in multiple PDFs. See RH2022 PDF Output.

Table Header Rows Added

The table editor now allows header rows to be defined. in the PDF output if a header row or cell is defined in a table, the header will be repeated where the table splits across a page.

Sticky Right Panel

The right panel is now sticky. Previously as you changed from one topic to another it reverted to Content Properties having focus. If you wanted to change the same option is several topics, you had to put focus back on the required option each time you changed the topic. That is no longer required.

Double clicking to hide the panel remains an option.

Topic Notes

In the Output Presets there is an option to use Topic Description in search results so that your preferred text was shown. That is still an option but the field in the topic had an alternative use. You could also use the field for your own notes but it was important not to select the checkbox as your notes would end up in the output. That could be awkward!

The option remains for legacy reasons but now there is a separate Notes field that will not be generated in any output.

Version 2022.0

Adobe Experience Manager

Users of Adobe Experience Manager can now easily publish to Adobe Experience Manager sites from the Knowledge Base output preset.

Div Tags

Adding div tags has been made easier. See RH2022 Bits and Pieces.

Dynamic Content Filtering Expression

Expressions enable more complex filtering to be applied. You can set a filter so that what is shown is content that must have, for example, two specific tags applied or perhaps the content must have a certain tag or tags but not if some additional tag is set. See RH2022 Dynamic Content Filtering.

Grammar and Spell Checker

You can now link your projects to an external grammar and spell checker. See RH2022 Preferences.

Templates for PDF and Word Outputs

To improve both PDF and Word outputs, templates have been added. This has resulted in some other changes.

  • All Master Pages will be renamed Topic Layouts and going forward be used from there for online outputs only. Any that are used in PDF or Word outputs at the time of upgrading to Adobe RoboHelp 2022 will be copied to PDF and/or Word Templates.

  • Skins will be renamed as Templates. These templates will be for online use only. When you generate on online output, you will select a Template and a Topic but they are just name changes. Effectively it is the same as selecting a master page and a skin.

  • For printed outputs there are now templates that give you more control over the appearance of the output.

It is all explained in Templates.

Multiple Columns

Now multiple columns can be applied within a single topic only if required. See RH2022 Multiple Columns.

New List Formats

In the List Style Type, many new formats have been added.

PDF Outputs

There are new options in the preset including MathML and password protection.

Scaling and Rotation

You can now scale and rotate blocks of content. See RH2022 Bits and Pieces.