Adobe RoboHelp 2022

These topics will be updated from time to time but may not always be in sync with the latest product update. It is currently synced with 2020.3

What's In Adobe RoboHelp?

The new and changed features in Adobe RoboHelp are highlighted in What's in Adobe RoboHelp and explained in this tour.

Users upgrading from Adobe RoboHelp 2019 New UI direct to Adobe RoboHelp 2022 should see RH2020 What's in Adobe RoboHelp?

Users upgrading from a Classic version should also see Upgrading from Classic Versions

If you have not used the new UI yet, take a look at Beth Gerber of Lightext's webinar Building Blocks for Creating Consistent and Engaging Help Systems. The focus is on how to do just that but Beth also works with the new UI giving you some insight into working with it.

Upgrading New UI Versions

Upgrading refers to new versions and should not be confused with in-version updates.

If you are upgrading to Adobe RoboHelp 2022 from Adobe RoboHelp 2019 New UI or Adobe RoboHelp 2020, note the Import Settings options on the File menu. These allow you to import your settings into Adobe RoboHelp 2022.