RoboHelp 8 - AutoNumbering

You can now create styles with autonumbering. This allows images, tables and suchlike to be inserted and numbered sequentially simply by applying the style to the paragraph before or after.

  • You can add text to the style so that the captions you see below are completely driven by the style. I just applied the style and Image nn. was applied automatically.
  • After applying the style, you can add text specific to the image if you wish.

This will improve the FrameMaker to RoboHelp conversion. This numbering has been has existed for some time in FrameMaker and its users will now be able to map such styling when importing into RoboHelp.

To create an autonumbering style

Access the Styles and Formatting pod and either create a duplicate of an existing style (saves time) or create a new one.


The formatting options are mostly obvious and do not require detailed description here. The list icon is what defines the numbering so I will cover that one.


Select the Numbering format you require from the dropdown first. <x>. will then appear in the Format field.

Left like that, you would simply get a number followed by a full stop (period) when you apply the style. You can remove the full stop and you can add text before or after. By setting up Image <x>. I merely need to apply the style to a paragraph and Image nn is then displayed as you see above.

It is important that after applying the style, you add some text or a space. Otherwise when you press Enter, the numbering will not be displayed.