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As far back as RoboHelp 8, Adobe introduced the scripting feature and it came with various prepared scripts. From time to time various people, mostly the RoboHelp developers and Help Essentials, have been kind enough to provide further scripts for functionality required by RoboHelp users on the Adobe RoboHelp forums. The Help Essentials site is no longer available but the scripts, demo projects and skins that were available there are no available here at no cost.

June 2019 - These scripts are for use with RoboHelp Classic and may not work in all versions. Create a copy of your project and try there first.

July 2020 - RoboHelp New UI does not support the scripts used in Classic versions. Instead it supports Javascript as described in the RoboHelp Tour ( These scripts cannot be used in the New UI versions of RoboHelp.


Always make a backup of your project before running a script. Like a find and replace operation, they can make changes in seconds that would otherwise take hours or days. They can also wreck a project in seconds if something is not as anticipated. You run these scripts entirely at your own risk.


Please also note that the RoboHelp supplied scripts below are as they were written at the time of issue. Later versions may have been added to later versions of RoboHelp. The Help Essentials skins are as written at the time and I do not have information regarding their version compatibility. It is vital you test them in a copy of your project.




Brief details from thread



Scripts and Demos


The site offered various scripts, demo projects and skins for Classic versions of RoboHelp. Willam van Weelden and Jonathan Smith no longer maintain the site but they have kindly allowed me to offer all the scripts and skins here at no cost.

No support is available for the scripts, the demos or the skins. Please create a copy of your project and try them there first.

The scripts and skins are listed below. A zip file containing all of them with instructions can be downloaded by clicking here.


Baggage Files Report

Details of baggage files in the project.

Image Mover

See Item 15 below.

Image Cleanup

Removes any images that are not used in topics.

Missing Topics Fixer

Sometimes the FPJ files in project folders get corrupted resulting in topics in the folder not appearing in Project Manager. This script rewrites the FPJ files.

RoboHelp Recovery Pack

There are a number of scripts that will recreate an output back into a RoboHelp project.

Search Engine Optimiser

Makes changes to your topics to improve how Google finds them.

Site Map Generator

Creates a site map of your output.

Demo Projects

Scroll Up Demo

Shows a button added that is fixed bottom right and takes the user to the top of the topic.

Simple FAQs Project

A ready to use project set up for FAQs.

Nivo Slider Demo

Add an image area with left / right buttons.


A selection of skins for you to try in your projects.


Image Mover


I inherited a project with hundreds of images in the root folder and most of them were linked to one topic. Willam van Weelden kindly wrote a script so that things were better organised.

If an image was linked to one topic only, it moved the image to same folder as the topic. It did not touch other images.

Originally the script was on the Help Essentials sitewhere you could purchase it for a small amount. Now it is free, see Item 16 above.




The following scripts are installed with RoboHelp 9. If you don't see any of them in your list of scripts when viewed from Tools > Scripts you need to copy them from your RobHelp installation folder to your profile.

Copy the required script(s) from
On Windows XP: [USER]/Application Data/Adobe/RoboHTML/9.00/Scripts/Sample Scripts/
On Vista / Windows 7
[USER]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/RoboHTML/9.00/Scripts/Sample Scripts/


Convert topic titles to search keywords

Forum thread

Script download

This script will append the topic title to the list of keywords and will not remove the existing keywords.

This script is not tested. Test the script on a copy of your project.


Alt Text Updater

Forum thread

Script download

When you create a PDF using RoboHelp, the server path will be revealed to anyone hovering over an image. This did not occur in RoboHelp 7 if a screentip had been entered as RoboHelp used that to create Alt Text and Acrobat displayed the contents of that instead.

In RoboHelp 8 and 9 the Alt Text is not created automatically. This script creates the Alt Text from the screentip.

The instructions are in the forum thread.


Convert Related Links button to a See Also list

Forum thread

Script download

The script file will traverse all the topics and snippet files, read all the related topics in the files and replace them with the hyperlinks for those topics.

 You need to do the following steps

  1. Back up your original project, before running this script file.
  2. Download the script file.
  3. Open RoboHTML 8, go to View>Pods>Script Explorer, and right click and import the downloaded script file.
  4. Open the project (which as already backed-up) in RobHTML 8.
  5. Select the script in the script explorer pod, right click and select run.
  6. The script will convert all the related topics to hyperlinks.

You can also change the style of the hyperlinks created in the script file, look for the function AddHyperlinkInTopic in the script file. Here you can add what ever style class name in the hyperlinks.


Indexing based on styles

Forum thread

Script download

This script was provided in response to the question:

Is it possible to assign index entries using styles? For example I would like to only have words or phrases with a particular heading style display in the index.

  1. Open the project.
  2. Modify the script file to include the tags you want to scan for. Right now the script searches for h1 and h3 tags, but you can include tags as required and save the script file.
  3. Run the script.


Image resizer

Forum thread

Script download

This script removes the dimensions of all images. They will then open at 100%. On opening a topic, the new size will be written into the code.

It has the same result as the "Reset image" operation that can be executed from the image's context menu.

This is not an Adobe scrip. It was created by Chashnikov and I have not seen any adverse comments.


Show topics Ready for Review

Forum thread

Script download

This script was provided in response to the question:

I would like to be able to set the Status of a topic to "Ready for Review" and then have that status visible in the topic when it is published, so that I can send the generated help files to reviewers/testers and they can see which topics are ready for review/test. Is there an easy way to do this?


Show topics that are not in a browse sequence

Forum thread

Script download

The easy way to find out which topics have not been included in a browse sequence.


Update FrameMake files when generating WebHelp from the command line.

Forum thread

Script download

If any of the .fm files are changed, the changes are NOT propogated to the WebHelp because running the generate command from RHCL does not update the linked .fm files.


Change image format

Forum thread

Script download

If you need to change the format of images, follow the steps below. The script is set to convert .bmp in topics to .png but can be amended to other formats.

  1. Go to any image editing software and change all the images in the project folder from .bmp to .png.
    Do not change the image file name, just change the extension. If you have an image with name sun.bmp change it to sun.png, in the same folder where sun.bmp is present.
  2. Download the script file on your machine. Open the project in RoboHelp 8, open Script explorer pod and import the script file you have downloaded.
  3. Select the script file and click on run or right click script file and select run.
  4. The script file will read all the topics and snippet files present in your project and read the image tag. if there is an image file with .bmp extension, it will change that image file extension to .png and update the topic file.


If you find the information and tutorials on my site save you time figuring it out for yourself and help improve what you produce, please consider making a small donation.

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