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What's covered?

RoboHelp has long provided a way to create dropdown and expanding hotspots using Dynamic HTML and/or the Glossary Hotspot Wizard. These can contain "hidden" text and / or graphics and all the Javascript code is written for the author. So far, so good. Many authors though prefer to have an image (typically arrows) that offer a visual invitation to the reader to open or close the information. These graphic cues are known as Twisties as the idea came from Lotus Notes and that is what they were named there.

Before the release of Adobe RoboHelp 8, custom javascripts were the only solution. RoboHelp 8 introduced built in Twisties which are fine as long as you want all of your dropdowns to have twisties. What is provided here are custom methods that work with RoboHelp 8 and 9, as well as earlier versions, and give you control over which dropdowns have twisties and which do not.

In addition there are options that enable a user to click a button to expand all the dropdowns and expanding hotspots in a topic, with or without twisties, as well as toobar print scripts that can be used with or without the Twisty and Show / Hide scripts.

June 2019 - This page covers the steps for use with the specified versions RoboHelp Classic. They should work in later Classic versions but are untested.

September 2021 - If you are using the New UI versions of RoboHelp, the easiest solution is to use the built in twisties. Create two dropspot styles, one with twisties and one without.


Various javascript methods have been provided on this site to allow authors to set up twisties and show/hide buttons. Previously both functions required separate javascript files and show/hide itself needed separate files depending on whether the author wanted to have one button where the label toggled between Show and Hide or two separate buttons.

New Script - Twisties 2

Thanks to Willam Van Weelden, there is now one script that can be easily configured to provide whatever options are required.

This is the recommended method unless you have already used the previous methods and wish to continue with them.

Older Scripts - Twisties 1

If you have tried the older scripts, you may have found they did not all work in Firefox. Willam Van Weelden has kindly reviewed those scripts and got them working again. Previously the methods were described in a number of topics. I have now incorporated them into a RoboHelp project so that you can see the methods working within RoboHelp and see exactly how things need to be set up.

Toolbar Single Show / Hide Button

The scripts above work with Show/Hide buttons on the required pages. This method allows you to place a button on the toolbar that works on all pages.

This will also work with the Twisty method that ships with RoboHelp 8 and with T S Paul's method described in Twisties 1.

Toolbar Show / Hide / Print including dropdowns / Print as displayed Buttons

Willam van Weelden's new toolbarscripts01.js scripts allow you to add buttons for any or all of the options shown.

Demonstrations and Downloads

See the demonstrations first and then download RoboHelp 8 projects to see how things have been set up. Upgrade the projects if you are using a later version of RoboHelp. The script will work in all Classic versions of RoboHelp up to and including RoboHelp 2019 Classic.



RoboHelp 8 Project

PDF Instructions

Twisties 2

This demo shows what can be set up using the single twisty2b.js file. This is the recommended method if you have not previously set up Twisties or Show/Hide buttons.

The download is in RoboHelp 8 format. Users of later versions should open it, upgrade and generate a new output. Nothing further needs to be done.

May 2013 - Note that twisty2b.js is an updated file to address some browser issues found with earlier versions.

Click here

Click here

Click here

Twisties 1

This demo is retained for the benefit of authors who have already used these scripts and want to continue with them.

Click here

Click here

Click here

Toolbar Show/Hide

One toolbar button that show/hides dropdown and expanding text in all topics. It will work with RoboHelp Twisties but not the Twisty scripts above.

Click here

Click here

Click here

Toobar Show / Hide / Print including dropdowns / Print as displayed

A single script file that allows you set up toolbar buttons for these functions. Again, the scripts work with RoboHelp Twisties but not the Twisty scripts above.

RoboHelp 9 users can upgrade the download; the scripts will work with that version. Unlike many other print scripts, this one will work with DUCC - Dynamic User-Centric Content.

Click here

Click here

Click here


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31 Jan 2010

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27 Aug 2004

Method revised so that the image changes when you click any part of the hotspot. Previously it only changed if you clicked the arrow. Change to the code identified by Rick Stone to whom many thanks. It now works like a true Twisty.

Code to be added between <head> tags placed in a Form Element to make it easy to add it to the clipboard.

Tip added to identify how to amend the path to the javascript file.

Thanks to Rick Stone for suggesting these changes as well.

02 Jul 2004

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