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What's covered?

Some time ago I needed a Super Contents Document which provided a Table of Contents spanning the contents of a number of other documents, here's how it's done.

The Steps

  1. In Super document, insert a table of contents in the usual way. The Super document can either be the contents of the other documents only or a document in its own right as well.
  2. Make sure Show / Hide (Paragraph marks) or Show Invisible Text is switched on
  3. With the cursor in the next line after the contents, go Insert | Field and highlight "Index and Tables" and "RD" (Referenced document). Click OK.
    Leave a space after RD and type in the path of the document whose contents you want to include.
    Where you would normally type a backslash, type two backslashes, don't ask why, Bill says do it.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each document to be included.
  5. Update the table of contents and there you have the contents of each document with the page numbers for that document. If you want to print the referenced document paths, make sure you have Print Invisible Text turned on.
  6. You may want to add the title of the referenced document to the Super Contents document. At the beginning of the referenced document include the title using a heading style. I suggest you use a heading level not otherwise used. You can then style the TOC style equivalent so that it stands out. I put it in Bold text and caps so the start of each contents in the Super Contents document starts in bold caps. This makes it easier for reader to know which document they are being referred to.


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