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Your Questions

Questions are always best raised on a forum such as Adobe's RoboHelp forum.

I see all posts there and I respond via the forums if I can help.

Because too many people have ignored the above, I now have to insist that you either:


No link or No explanation = No Reply

Subject to one of those conditions being met, email me using the link below. I try to respond to all emails promptly, even if it is just an acknowledgement to start with. I am U.K. based so please allow for any time zone differences. My current time is shown below.

Please do not send your classic project as an email attachment. Files should be sent via (2gb limit) or some similar service. Include a link to the forum post where applicable. You can attach zipped New UI projects provided they file size is within the limits of your email client.


Provided you have read the above,

My Time