Iceland 2011



What's covered?

Back to Iceland for our fourth visit - the first one is not on this site as it was before we had a digital camera!

This time it was a short visit for the wedding of our friend Tim.

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Tim and Steina

Tim met Steina around the time of our last visit to Iceland in 2006 so after five years it was time for them to get married and give us another excuse to visit this wonderful country.


Thursday morning found us heading off to Ikea to buy a voucher as the wedding present. No queues to get in the car park. No hunting for a parking space. We didn't go around but you could see it would not have been the usual fight in a UK Ikea and no queue at the tills. Then we headed rounded to Tim and Steina's house, originally a school that had been dismantled and rebuilt in Habnarfjordur, effectively a suburb of Reykjavik. Then off to Thingvellir.


Thingvellir is the site of the first parliament that was established around 930 AD. You can find out more about it at It was also the site of the first event of the stag night - snorkelling.


Hot Tub

After Thingvellir the women were banished! Come on, it was the stag night. The first stop was a local non tourist hot tub. Cameras are not a good idea if you are getting in and out of hot tubs and swimming so no pictures.


This shows the camera does lie. Everyone was completely sober at this point.




Then it was on to Caruso's for an excellent meal and an evening to remember. We were put in a room at the top of the building behind the windows you see below. Some of the guys had good singing voices and we had everything from Scottish folk songs to Delilah! Nothing that would offend anyone else in the room, just a really good grown up stag do. When the other party in the room left we wondered if we had driven them out, in fact one of their number came over and said how much they had enjoyed the entertainment! Even the staff joined in dancing while we sang.

This picture does not expand.



Home by midnight

Needless to say the younger members of the group went on to various bars well into the night but the capacity for that is diminishing, sad to say! I got back to our hotel at midnight and took this picture without any flashlight. Sorry about the shake, not the drink, simply the wrong camera setting.




Friday was a lazy day starting at the local swimming pool. All the swimming pools have hot tubs around them and that is what we went for. The camera setting was still wrong at that point so apologies for the poor quality. The afternoon was spent lazing around reading, having a little wander around the local shops and suchlike. Then we all went off to a little restaurant that you would probably bypass unless you were a local and knew about the quality of the food and the prices. The meal was mostly for the UK contengency to give us a briefing on how the next day would go, the customs and suchlike.

After the meal we went to the church so that everyone know where it was. The setting was stunning, overlooking the bay.

Saturday 25 June 2011 - The day of the wedding

The ceremony was not until 5pm so we had plenty of time to go into Reykjavik to book our trip to Thorsmork on Sunday and have a good wander around.

We went into Hallgrimskirkja and found a young man of about 20 playing the organ. He was so accomplished that we sat in awe for quite some time. After that we went up to The Pearl again. We had been on previous visits but it is always worth another visit. The tanks store hot water for distribution around the city. Hey, this is Iceland, why heat water when there is an abundance of it provided by nature?


Gunnar Arnasson's Suncraft





Leif Eriksson's statue




The Wedding

Pictures of the church taken the evening before.


View across the harbour from the church.


Inside the church just before the wedding.



Dylan, the best man, waiting with Tim for Steina.

Is he trying to copy Tim's hair style?

Ah! It's something on the wall.


The bride arrives with one very proud father.




It's tradition to walk to the reception.

Sunday - Thorsmork (Þórsmörk)

This was a treat to ourselves, a four wheel drive trip to Thorsmork, named after the pagan God Thor. It lies behind Eyjafjallojukull and we were shown how the recent eruption has changed the landscape here.

Needless to say the Land Rover had the standard set of wheels for Iceland. 38 inch tyres on 15 inch rims! The tyres cost around £500 each!






Finally back to Tim and Steina's house. It was a school that was moved to Habnarfjordur, the main room was the classroom.

Looking out from the hotel.