Kefalonia 2010



What's covered?

Our holiday on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

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The Hotel

White Rocks Hotel gets mixed reviews with some people saying the food is good and some saying it is bad, while others complain about hard beds. All we can do is make our comments here and leave you to make your decision.



We had a bungalow and essentially the beds were a concrete wall with chipboard on top to support the mattress. We are used to very comfortable Vi-Spring beds so we did find them hard. That said we slept well every night.

We spoke to the people on reception after the first night and they offered to move us to one of the bungalows that had been refurbished with better beds. However, they explained the view would not be so good so we decided to stay put and did not regret it.

More bungalows were to be refurbished during the winter period so most, if not all, should have what we were told were better beds.


We were told by people who had been booked into rooms on the road side of the hotel that the rooms were noisy and some upgraded to rooms on the beach side. I suspect just a few of the bungalows might also catch some noise from the road but most were down the hill side and after the road turned away. Our bungalow was the last row before the beach and we had no traffic noise whatever, just the sound of waves breaking but not at a level that disturbed us.

There are some restaurants and a small supermarket about fifteen to twenty minutes walk from the hotel, otherwise you would need to drive / taxi / bus to Argostoli.

The hotel site itself is lovely as can be seen in these pictures.

The room and views from our balcony

Looking out from the room

To the right

The private beach to the left


Going up to the pool


The pool itself


A few cats live alongside the walk to the hotel.
They seldom strayed onto the path. We like cats but they would not be a nuisance to anyone who does not.

Morag, Ron and Margaret

The lounge - bar in background

The outside terace next to the lounge

The lower terrace for refreshments and lunch


The public beach - from the hotel



"Discover Kefalonia" Tour

This was a full day trip and well worth going on. The tour also goes to the cave at Drogorati but we did not go into the cave.




Yes the water is a lovely blue but it was a bit over-hyped.


Thirsty cat near Melassani

The monastery of Saint Gerassimos


The island's patron saint.


Self portrait!

The winery


Argostoli and Lixouri

We took a bus into Argostoli and the ferry to Lixouri.

The sunken bridge at Argostoli


Turtles waiting for the unsold fish to be thrown back



"Secrets of Sami" Tour

This was an evening trip and the coach journey there was enjoyable. Sami itself had closed down so apart from eating, there was little else to do. We went with the guides suggestion for the meal and wished we hadn't! The food was OK at best.

Enchanting Ithaca

Along with "Discover Kefalonia" this is the other tour we recommend. A very enjoyable day out.


Bjorn of ABBA on the next table