1998 Warwick



What's covered?

The 1998 reunion


Warwick was one of the more memorable reunions. It started off normally and here we are around the table. Note those large candles.


And not long after, here we are being ushered out as the fire alarm had gone off!


Here we are outside, waiting for the all clear.


As you can see, the fire brigade were called. We were told by one of the firemen that those large candles had triggered the smoke alarm.


Now, is anyone else thinking what I am? Would that be Mr Poole disposing of a cigarette?


However, we had a good evening and here we all are afterwards.


Mr Poole's cars have been mentioned before and here you can see it has worked with Jenny.


Now Charlie in uniform seems to be the attraction and Jenny joins in.


Now come on Jenny, this is a family site!


No, there was no cabaret going on, this IS just a formal photo of the men.



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