2004 Lille



What's covered?

The 2004 reunion


Well you might think that it sounds like an oxymoron to say that "Peter Roberts organised" this year's reunion but he did, and he did an excellent job.

Friday - Arrival, The Big Wheel, Main Dinner

Peter managed to arrive within three hours of his target time

He stopped en route at Cassel for lunch. France......Lunch......3 hours, guess that's about right.

Cassel is where the Grand Old Duke of York marched his men up the hill and marched his men down the hill, and when they were half way up they were neither up nor down. Mmmm! Does this sound familiar guys? Why did Peter choose Cassel, forces from a previous incarnation?


Peter also found it difficult to park there


First on the agenda in Lille, The Big Wheel and a walk around.




This is our sort of shop


The Bar at our Hotel (It's an important place)


Guess who was there first


Friday evening found us in Le Hochepot for an excellent meal.

This picture shows all of us who were in Lille this year except for Jeff and Sheila who could not join us until Saturday. Missed were Bill and Jenny, Charlie and Jean, and Gareth and Val.


And then back to The Big Wheel


Near the entrance to The Big Wheel

- The Gilberts decide to buy a property in France


Saturday - Sightseeing, Cirque du Soleil

Unfortunately photography is forbidden at the Cirque du Soleil so the pictures are of the sightseeing only. The Cirque du Soleil was a wonderful evening's entertainment. The best circus I have seen and it made us all feel like children again, pretty remarkable given the ages of some of us! Even the youngest has reached the stage where he admits he is losing his grip! (An "in joke" to anyone not there).






It might look like coffee...



... the smiles tell you it's mulled wine! (Look closely at the colour)


Peter particularly enjoyed the wine and other delights in life


The Christmas Market


Sunday - More Sightseeing and Some Culture

Sunday morning had an interesting start.

Then we set off to a market, which none of us managed to photograph! Instead here is another picture of the city centre.


After the market, here we are waiting for David to come out of this shop!


and now the culture bit!!


Actually we did go for some culture but again photography was not permitted.

Here I must add that it was not the sort of culture that this photo might suggest and where photography is also prohibited, so Peter Roberts tells me.

We went to the Musee des Beaux Arts.

Pre dinner drinks


Shortly afterwards Val found Jeff in the ladies loo!

David's new pullover!

His famous trick cutting bread rolls in mid air is not to be copied.

Monday - Home

Things to watch for next year.



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