What's covered?

Photos and information about various holidays.

This page started as a means of writing up our holidays as an easy means of sharing them with our family and friends. We now do that in other ways so after 2017 it will not be updated.



If you need to ask, then this page isn't for you! Friends I worked with many years ago.

Iceland 2003

An account of an out of season holiday in Iceland.

USA 2004

A tour of the USA through San Francisco, Yosemite, the Pacific Highway, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

Gran Canaria 2005

The pictures and story of our September 2005 holiday in Gran Canaria, staying at the apartment of our friend David Poole.

Iceland 2006

We just can't stay away from this wonderful country.

Sorrento 2006

To celebrate my 60th birthday on 21st September 2006, my wife Gill arranged a visit to Sorrento in Italy where I had last been at the age of 14 with my parents.

Israel 2007

Paula Stern of invited me to speak at a technical authoring conference she was organising in Jerusalem. In its own right that was an invitation that could not be declined. Add to it that it gave me the chance to meet Rick Stone and my case was packed. Rick and I had exchanged emails for several years but had never met.

Philip and Sam's Wedding 2007

Our younger son Philip's wedding to Sam.

Lithuania 2007

Combining assisting Adobe at The European Online Help Conference with a short holiday.

Norway 2008

A cruise along the Norwegian coast and fjords.

Colorado 2009

A tour of Colorado with my fellow Adobe Community Professionals and friends, John Daigle and Rick Stone together with Rick's wife, Stephanie, and my wife Gill.

Kefalonia 2010

Visiting the Greek island of Kefalonia.

Iceland 2011

Our friend Tim gets married to Steina.

Australia and New Zealand 2011

Our journey to meet an old friend and cruise along the south coast of Australia, then down to Tasmania and New Zealand.

France 2012

In 2009 we spent part of our holiday with John Daigle. Finally we persuaded him to meet us part way through a holiday in France and travel back to the UK with us.

Alaska 2013

A week travelling through Alaska and a week cruising back down to Vancouver, Canada.

The Baltic and St Petersburg 2014

A cruise stopping at Bruges, Warnemunde, Stockholm, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

USA 2015

Starting in Colorado to join John Daigle's wedding celebrations, we then went on a driving tour.

Azores 2015

A cruise to the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands

New York 2016

In addition to the holidays here, I have visited the USA a number of times to attend conferences, always travelling by air. This time I wanted to go by ship. the Queen Mary 2.

Australia and New Zealand 2016

Our holiday of a lifetime. Three months touring Australia and New Zealand after a three night stopover in Hong Kong.

Budapest to Amsterdam 2017

A river cruise along the Danube and Rhine from Budapest to Amsterdam